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Friday, June 8, 2012

Anything CAN happen at Cannes!

Couldn’t really understand, IDEA-wise what was the difference between Leo Burnett’s entries to Cannes 2012 in the ‘Print and Poster category’ and the ‘Photography’ category… where the agency submitted the ‘Reclaim your space’ series and the ‘Fragrance’ series of creative for Bajaj Exhaust and Tide, respectively.

Interesting, as they are still rooting for (or should I say hooting) for Lions in those two categories!

However, their Radio Spot for Saathi in the ‘Radio’ category is great! But will the judges understand the language and the pain expressed through a typical Mumbaikar’s dialect? A Big question mark.

My money is on their ‘Doorstep School’ campaign that promoted adult literacy. This entry in the ‘Promo and Activation’ category is really based on a SIMPLE and SOLID insight and the creative execution was also too good in line with reality, relevance and refreshment.

Now to talk about Grey...

The agency may jolly well think they have produced a superlative film: ‘Riot’… for Killer Jeans on ‘Water Saving’ proposition, whereas the reality is no, they haven’t. It was not only forced but also convoluted, thanks to the ‘Green Fold’ proposition for an audience who perhaps hadn’t read Ashwini’s report on the site

So, a metal in the 'Film Lions and Film Craft Lions' categories or in the 'Titanium and Integrated Lions' would be a shocker! To me at least.

Rather their ‘Proof in the pocket’ campaign holds more brownie points, which was done for ‘Truly Worn’ Collection of Killer faded jeans. And it might help them win a metal in the ‘Promo and Activation’ category.

Grey’s print campaign for Fujifilm India… exploiting ‘two face-detection indicators’ might look wow from an innovation point of view but from an average consumer viewpoint, how does it matter, I wonder!

Hence, the chance for a metal in the ‘Press Lions’ category is also quite remote.

That being said, it won’t be foolish to exclaim though; who knows, after all when it’s CANnes, anything CAN HAPPEN!