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Thursday, August 22, 2013

An open letter to help Sir Martin Sorrell.

On August 13, 2013, Sir Martin Sorrell wrote the piece: "Why Most of Our Business Will Be in Fast-Growth Markets and Digital Within 5 Years" on LinkedIn to give an idea of his business expansion plan into the new market.

The last line of his article reads as: "More to come shortly, and if there’s anybody out there who wants to help us, let me know."

And since he did that I thought why not write to him because I'm always out there to help whoever asks for it! 

So here is my open letter to Sir Martin Sorrell in case that helps.

Dear Martin,

Hope, you won't mind, if I call you "Martin" but "Sir."

No disrespect intended to your ability, achievements, authority, position, pride and prudence. But I rather prefer a name to a Title or a Surname.


Because a name is one's identity (Value and Values), whereas everything else is his incentive and increment (Price). And we pay the price to get the value and generate values in business or in personal life.

In this arrangement - which is comprised of psychography (no more just demography across geography) communications, behaviour, understanding, action, reaction and empathy - we basically form and firm up relationships.

To be precise, 'Human Relationships'.

If I feel, I am just commenting on Sir Martin Sorrell's article, frankly, that's no value to me. However, if I feel, I am interacting with Martin that's value to me. For, we don't sell a car or a pizza to a tablet or a smart phone, we rather sell it to a user of such smart or digital gadgets, who is a human.

So understanding him by his 'personality traits' on the basis of FFM (Five Factor Model) i.e. OCEAN: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion (or Extroversion), Agreeableness and Neuroticism is much more important than knowing and understanding about him and his behaviour.

In light of that, I don't really think your business model and process is People Ready though yeah, I fully agree and buy into the fact, that your business model and process is always 'Profitable'.

However, if I look at and into any business - even if that's a grocery shop - profit is a given factor in it, which is of course valuable but not valued. (To me at least).

So, your strategy: "new markets, new media, data investment management and last but not least 'horizontality'" is not simple but very complex because it didn't EXCLAIM: 'new people!' for 'new markets'; 'new idea!' for 'new media'; 'empathy investment management!' for 'data investment management'.

Just the reason, buying into your logic of 'horizontality' is tough, since you are actually not offering any 'horizontality' but 'verticality' to ensure 'Instant Profit and Profit' only which should not necessarily be considered as 'growth' for that matter.

We must not forget, even if we are 'Number 1' in the league, "a rat in the rat race remains a rat only even after winning, everywhere."

Plus, a 'new media' shouldn't be overestimated as a 'new idea' because, in any business, none can afford to forget the Hierarchy of Needs, duly and aptly defined by Maslow, so as to convey it subtly: "Do the basics right to grow on the same."

Big Data is of no use, practically, unless it's turned into the 'right data'. And the reality is, most of the data poached online is fallible, since, we humans love to camouflage and thrive on day-to-day hypocrisy.

Having said all these, what I mean to say is, if, in your business model and process, there is no room for 'People and their EE (Emotional Excellence)' but only numbers, then, it's simply defying the basic premise of business: "Society doesn't belong to market but market belongs to society."

Therefore, if expansion counts and growth matters at all beyond the balance sheet, 'new markets' got to be defined by an 'Extreme Empathy' that will augur: "New People! New Society!"

Because only that forms Congruence which eventually ensures profit and, most importantly, growth. 

In a nutshell, CSR is the key, which, in my humble opinion: "Compassionate Selling Responsibility."

Felt like writing to you at length, because you ended your article with a sincere call to action: "More to come shortly, and if there’s anybody out there who wants to help us, let me know."

Bottom-line is: "I am ready to help, if you are open to 'new idea(s)' besides 'new media'."

More so, as India is evolving differently (or should I say indifferently) and it's certainly NOT what is palpable in mainstream media or social media.

Hence, if you wish to take this dialogue forward, feel free to write to me at:

Would be happy to help!