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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Is India Narendra Modi?

As per the Opinion Poll for the Lok Sabha Election 2014 in India, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) - sorry, Mr. Narendra Modi, being the Superman of Indian Politics, to beat Congress all alone.

Looking at BJP's Electoral Campaign, which is synonymous to Political Campaign in India, it is evident that Bharatiya Janata Party thinks 'India = Modi', hence the nation can marvel only through Modi-fication of corruption. 

Below is the masthead of a leaflet cum EDM - Electronic Direct Mailer - BJP is circulating to Modi-fy India, magically, helping you look at and look into the socio-economic condition of India through only Lotus Glasses, but no more rose for that matter. 


Makes sense, because a rose comes with thorns while a lotus comes with just a venomous snake, and thorns are more dangerous than a snake, since, the former lets you bleed while the latter helps you die. And death is better than bleeding, for, death means mukti - freedom from all tensions, frustrations, pains and agonies of corruption brought to you by Congress and UPA only.

So, obviously, you should always VOTE AGAINST CONGRESS to benefit from the Modi-fied India i.e. 'Modindia'. 

However, before you do that, if you have just two minutes time - from your very busy schedule of Liking, Sharing, Commenting and Promoting Text and Photos of Facebook and Twitter - to think, you may consider to ask yourself the following questions... in case that help you know, understand, realise and accept what kind of 'a better tomorrow' you are about to create today with BJP in reality:

Question No. 1: If BJP is 'Bharatiya Janata Party' then how come their 'call to action' to the people of India is "VOTE FOR INDIA, VOTE FOR MODI" instead of "VOTE FOR BJP, VOTE FOR PEOPLE, VOTE FOR INDIA"? 

Question No. 2: If BJP is "committed to a strong and developed India" then the party is actually admitting that India has already been strong and developed. So, why shouldn't people vote for Congress (led UPA) again to re-elect them, as under their governance only India became strong and developed?

Question No. 3: "Vision of Modi - Nai Soch, Nai Ummeed". Okay, so the Modi-fied vision is "New Thinking, New Hope". If anyone asks you what is your vision, say for your organisation, and you answer, "New Thinking, New Hope," what will it mean actually?

Question No. 4: So Modi has a vision, but BJP doesn't have any? In that case, is BJP a political party, or just Modi's kitty party to freak out over tea?

Now, rest is your call, entirely. Keeping one simple thing on mind, and deep in mind as well, that the word 'Modification' or 'Modi-fication' means neither 'Change' nor 'Transformation', and the word 'Growth' doesn't also mean either 'Development' or 'Evolution'; 'Welfare' or 'Progress'.

Mushrooms grow faster than a Banyan Tree does, but that doesn't mean you can take a shelter under them - unless of course you are a frog.