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Monday, December 15, 2008

Impossible is Everything!

Without qualms the prime purpose of a calendar is to give you dates. To help you count days, mark holidays, plan a meeting or an outing, or remind of something or someone special that you can’t afford to forget.

But if you think the objective of a calendar is so plain and vanilla, well, to be frank, you are grossly mistaken.

Today is different, so is the rationale of a calendar.

This date-piece is no longer a dead-piece on the table or in the wall; instead it has become a deadly weapon of marketing communications for corporate houses or SEMEs (Small Enterprise, Medium Enterprise); or any individual… to build up an image that matters.

In fact, a calendar is the best ROI (Return on Investment) tool you can trust for an unmatched PR (Public Relations) even inside your TA’s (Target Audience) bedroom. And that too, throughout the year by expending only once in 12 months.

Needless to say, why Kingfisher spends so much effort and money to make its calendar happen every year, and why the company’s image is so deeply riveted to that produce. And why none other than Mr. Atul Kasbekar got hired as the shutter-bugger.

May be there are a few companies which can invest so heavily on a calendar, yet almost all try to do something superlative and unique on a calendar.

Thus when a calendar is made there are a number of factors that should be taken into consideration rather seriously and sensibly.

To make a calendar successful, first and foremost a good and strong theme is very important. Because whatever creatives need to be done got to be in line with the theme. A theme can be anything and everything but it should be ‘something’ (interesting, inspiring, infectious, etc.) when represented. As none will be interested to see a petty, run-of-the-mill, or mundane stuff all through the year on the desk or in the wall.

The flyleaf, which is the topmost page of a calendar, is very crucial. As it draws the very initial attention of one. So the flyleaf should be engagingly attractive and significant to make one spend his/her a few extra minutes on it. The flyleaf creative (visual and copy) is to be crafted such a way that it describes the theme as well as the company’s vision (and mission) like a spokesperson, a protagonist, or a change agent.

All inside pages should carry along the theme one after another being in sync altogether. However each page is required to stand alone at least for a month courtesy its own creative merit save for the dates only.

Critical, I admit but not impossible. And this is the real challenge of creating a calendar… heralding wonders, every year!

To make my points clear, I have showcased here one of the calendars that I have produced for Hindustan Controls & Equipment Pvt. Ltd. (HCE), Kolkata.

The company takes pride in being an Indian company and does believe in the concept of thinking and doing different things. They try to project an image that is not as stringent as their heavy Electrical Engineering operations. They love to experiment and their relevance comes from refreshing things and actions that may be uncanny but not alienated off people and people’s interest.

Just the reason, to augur the New Year 2009, HCE is responsible to think and let you imagine that IMPOSSIBLE IS EVERYTHING!

Friday, November 28, 2008


Yet another mayhem of militants has been rocking the tinsel town for more than 48 hours from now. A real life blockbuster is happening at Mumbai. Two hotels - the Taj and the Trident are staging the mega shows in particular where guests in those hospitable institutes and innocent people at large are giving away their lives to grenades, bullets and bombs.

As usual the natives from other cities and states in India are quite proactive in consuming and sharing the news and nimble enough for expressing shocks and sadness, anxiety and anger, and condolence to the slaughtered ones and their bereaved family members.

But is it just the action which is expected from the people of India against terrorists and their heinous and gory exploits of this magnitude?

If the answer is yes, then let’s celebrate terrorism like this only; today at Mumbai, tomorrow at Delhi, day after tomorrow at Kolkata and so on.

Or, if the answer is NO, then all of us have to put our thoughts and act altogether and begin a syndicated assault on terrorism at every nook and corner of the country. NOW.

This effort or movement can be termed as “Terror on Terrorism” or “Counter Terrorism”.

I’m sure reading hitherto some intellectual foreheads have got the crease on, or some attitudinal eyebrows have made some upward arches, or some sagging lips have gone dry making acute angles to rubbish this concept.

And, why not, as the world, precisely India, is full of “how-can-I-do-it-alone?!” typos to whom it’s always easier to follow one’s back than leading from the front or taking any initiative on their own. As if they also follow someone else, while they hit the bed to do it with their spouses. I wonder! I’m bewildered!

It’s really pathetic that that kind of passing the buck game has become a well cherished and ideally practiced phenomenon in our society and system where we rather call this scenario as “diplomacy”.

Funny! If this is diplomacy then what is hypocrisy? What is collective fear, chocking and cringe?

Ironical that militants have still failed to understand the simple fact that in India they don’t need to kill innocent people to dethrone the system. Because the system itself had come down to dust a long ago in this country when we actually divided our motherland into India and Pakistan to meet one’s personal greed of becoming India’s first prime minister.

On the contrary, no force, no atom bomb, no militants, no terrorists can do any harm to us, if we just do the basics right and follow the maxim “Charity begins at home” or “Self-help is the best help”.

We don’t need leaders, we don’t need any police, and we don’t need any paramilitary. All we need is the courage and spirit to withstand self and others and a compassionate mind to think that what’s happening at Mumbai today can also happen in our bedroom on the next day.

So we better be prepared, and begin leading from the front. And in the process bring the ULTIMATE TERROR on terrorism.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shelter Your Image

When it rains cats and dogs, or just drizzles, or the sun decides to toast you with its scorching heat, and albeit you have to go out then what comes first on your mind? No poetry, I guess.

Then and there you think of nothing but an UMBRELLA for sure to hold it over your head and step out.

Now if you think a little deeper, I’m sure you also acknowledge that an umbrella means more than just a shelter to you on moves.

In fact, an umbrella helps you relate to the inspiration of your grandpa, or to the protection of your parents; to the first kiss in the rain, or to the first loss of anything in a private vehicle; to the impromptu support of a friend, or to the nagging load in your bag or hand… altogether to the world where you belong to and which belongs to you.

Undoubtedly this world is your very own. Still it behaves like the unknown. Because it tests your character, evaluates your merit, tickles your feelings, puts light on your personality, examines your image, challenges your confidence and demands your success… wherever you go or whatever you do beyond the assurance, comfort and safety of your cocoon called YOURSELF.

And this is that. Accept it or not. Either you have to win a life of your choice or you have to be defeated, conceding others’ preferences.

Hence it’s better if you decide to win. And this decision should be substantiated with your choice of things that you want to do, want to wear, want to carry, want flaunt, or simply want to conceal.

Be it your shirt or saree; your watch or bracelet; your perfume or lipstick; or simply your umbrella match it with yourself in such a way that it complements only your personality, rather exclusively, creating an image that’s unique and unmatched.

It’s not far fetched or any ridicule; insanity or obscene, in case you unfurl an umbrella which is designed for you only… thereby giving shelter not only to your body but also to your matchless image as expressed by your personality, traits, characteristics, behaviour, lifestyle, style, and, last but not least, your profession – while you decide to take the rain or the sun in your stride. Outside.

The trend is called IMAGE SHELTERING! Brought to you by your UMBRELLA. That's "YOUnique".

So, to know more about how to shelter your image exclusively underneath an umbrella, feel free to email at: or immediately.

After all, time and tide, and exclusivity don’t really wait.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Q Factor

This article is the reproduction of one of my columns that I had once written for the column ‘Edu Adda’ in Education Times – with whom I happened to be an Invitee Columnist.

One fine morning, I had received a call from the then Editor of the publication who read me the following –

“I’m a student of Mechanical Engineering (3rd year) in Kalyani Engineering College, wanting to enhance on my soft skills by developing an attitude, communication, personality and confidence. I would like to know how EQ is over IQ. It will be great help, if you provide me with a few tips on the same and drop the name of a book or two that I can refer to in this regard.”

Once finished, as usual and as always, she had demanded my lines immediately for answering back to the guy through the column and offered me half-an-hour flat.

And obeying the ultimatum, I had no choice but obliging her with the stuff she wanted.

Attitude is an inherent and, to some extent, a worked out quality of yours. This quality can set you apart from others, easily. It can be of two types: Positive and Negative. Generally by mentioning of an Attitude, we mean the Positive Attitude. And to develop this (Positive) Attitude, it’s crucial for you to think Positive almost every time. Be it a no-win situation or a mere win-win, you have to think positive almost every time to turn it into all-win for you. Because you actually win a battle on mind much before it’s fought. And if you think, you can win, yes, you will. At least 80 times out of 100 – if not more.

Plus, your Attitude should always be executed by your action. Without any action, you can be rest assured that your Attitude will have no takers. For, life is action, not just contemplation. While you act, you got to learn from your every mistake and can never afford to commit the same mistake again (and again). During action, always deserve the very best and in case it’s not achieved despite of giving your 100%, accept it sportingly and put your pad on for playing the next innings. Failure is no sin or obscene but fearing failure is dangerous or an unpardonable crime. It’s sheer Negative Attitude, which never pays but pains.

Communication helps you develop an image of your own. Broadly, it has two genres: Verbal and Non-verbal. In Verbal Communication (which may also include writing), try to express things in the simplest way. Never use lingo or jargons, especially while you talk. It’s very important how you communicate so as to help your audience understand what you communicate. An insignificant matter might also become engrossingly interesting, if you can convey your message in a unique yet well-accepted and easily-comprehensible manner.

For Verbal Communication, your building blocks could well be watching news or talk shows on the quality English or regional channels on television. This practice will help you develop the right kind of pronunciation, accent and diction.

In case of Non-verbal Communication body language is the key. Listen attentively while someone is talking to you. In person or over the phone. Don’t shake your head too much, or stray your eyes here and there, or bite your nails, or put a hand on your face to get it covered while you are addressed in person. Always maintain a good pose and posture while you stand up or sit, and make sure to present a facial expression, which signals that you are ever interested to hear and know.

If character is the mirror, Personality is its polish. So it needs to be reflecting. Keeping yourself clean is a vital aspect of an attractive Personality. Always wear dresses that will keep you most comfortable in them. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your apparels should always be in line with the latest fashion or in vogue. Trim or cut your hair matching your face, use perfume or deodorant, and after shave while you go out. The stuff should smell soothing not overtly rich or incontrovertibly cheap. Don’t keep unruly nails on your fingers, or mud on your shoes – as nails and shoes are the hallmarks of one’s Personality. And don’t over do to highlight your Personality and hang a little smile, if not impossible, always on your lips.

Once your Attitude, Communication and Personality are developed and properly ordered, your Confidence will germinate and grow rather automatically. More you interact and share knowledge; it will add better values to your Confidence. Trust yourself and trust others in relationships, because your Confidence scales up greater heights when you can instill Confidence in others.

Well, now about EQ. EQ is the abbreviation of Emotional Quotient. It’s a sensitive work culture that brings the best out of every employee in an organisation. The fundamentals of this concept are Emotion, Emotion and Emotion. Opposite to logical and analytical understanding of gains like turnover, profits, market-share, etc., EQ helps and ensures an organisation succeed on intangible yields such as trust, reliability, loyalty, satisfaction, etc. It’s a process where one-on-one relationship and Emotion count more to general knowledge and intelligence that describe IQ. In a nutshell, EQ is letting your mind follow your heart.

Finally, to name the stuff in print (books or periodicals) as your guide; it should be the newspaper that you must unfold and look into daily. Going through the autobiographies of successful people is a real motivation to get and remain inspired. You may also refer to Daniel Goleman’s book on EQ. And most importantly, read to enjoy and enjoy to read. Anything. Everything.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Behind Every Ism there is Terrorism

On Saturday, 27th September 2008, a low intensity bomb blast rocked a flower market at Mehrauli. The blast occurred exactly two weeks after Delhi was splintered by five serial blasts in which 24 people were killed and more than 100 were injured, if media reports had to be believed.

This blast also took the life of a kid named Santosh on the spot, and later on two other’s who succumbed to their respective injuries at hospitals.

I read the news on a portal while I was chatting online with a friend who stays at Gurgaon. Since Mehrauli happens to be en route to Gurgaon, just out of curiosity I asked her whether everything was fine at her end. Pat came her reply that she was okay but her in-laws experienced a close shave. Knowing that, I got more curious. So I asked whether her in-laws were present in the market at the time of blast or they live nearby the blast spot. She replied immediately that her in-laws stay 12-Km away from that Mehrauli market.

Her answer totally outwitted me, honestly. I failed to answer back. Because, how could people at 12-Km away be designated with a close shave tag, I don’t know. I was amazed!

Nevertheless, the abovementioned chat experience helped me understand that nowadays a terrorist blast is not just a blast. Instead, it has greater implications which offer ripple effects in society that can be categorised or classified as different ‘isms’ which are earnestly followed by people from different walks.

Just like my friend did, as the blast i.e. terrorism excited her amplifying her in-laws proximity to the incident with an aim to earn undue importance on them, and consequently on herself.

And, this can be defined as Fad-ism.

Similarly, when a blast occurs it ensures at least next 7-days’ news bytes or clippings for media. Terrorists want FREE mileage and hype in media and media obediently obliges. Because, people at large are ever ready to pop in any and every blast news which promises steady growth in readership or viewership. That entails better revenues for media mostly through advertisements which are directly variable to readership or viwership.

And, this can be defined as Profit-ism.

Besides, terrorism has long been empowering the politicians and the leaders like Shivraj Patel, Amar Singh, Raj Thackeray, etc. who do enjoy their constant and continuous presence in limelight. Obviously, for nothing or doing only the silly things such as giving a broken-record statement about investigation after every blast, or accusing the moral of mortality of a cop in a shootout and then sending money to the cop’s bereaved family for getting it returned, or creating riots among common men on account of Renaissance, and the list goes on…

And, this can be defined as Power-ism.

In the same way, terrorism helps unemployed students of the technical colleges and institutes, which have mushroomed all over India to churn out engineers and techies like the tadpoles in every monsoon, find an employment at last at any of the terrorist outfits to use their technical acumen manufacturing bombs and other lethal weapons.

And this can be defined as Employment-ism.

Equally, terrorism comes productive and handy for the people who are in intelligence department. It provides occasions and events almost on a regular basis to those who are paid in heft for their so called grey matters to think how to nullify a terror attack and then rethink where they have gone wrong on their intelligence, once a blast is over.

And this can be defined as Grey-ism.

Also, the tinsel town and its movies are grossly influenced by terrorism. The recent being is Mumbai Meri Jaan that shows it all on celluloid. Accordingly, Brand owners or marketers can yield from terrorism. In case they are able to think of penetrating media space with their fitting and smart crisis communications, immediately after a blast.

For example: An ad with a punch line “Now switch to the coolest blast” of Carrier Aircon might be the order of the hour post-blast.

And this can be defined as Brand-ism.

As a matter of fact, almost all get to gain from many such isms as per one’s personal, professional or community needs, following terrorism.

And for that matter, in totality, this can be defined as Behind Every Ism there is Terrorism.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Whitewash on Gilchrist’s True Colours

The famous Australian wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist has no job at present. Post retirement, he is neither taking guard in front of the wickets nor stooping behind the sticks. That’s why; he’s clueless what to do and how to earn. No doubt, he is also a human and having a family to feed.

So, he decided publishing his autobiography TRUE COLOURS to paint the champion and indomitable Indian cricketers to hard sell the guff in print.

Nothing doing; he has to do this business because he needs money. And as the maxim goes 'idle brain is devil’s workshop', Gilli can’t help but doing things which are silly thereby slipping into the gully without any cover, extra cover, or point, for that matter.

First, he tried to bully Sachin Tendulkar by calling the little master as a ‘sore loser’. Reason being, Sachin defended Harbhajan in the deposition on the racial row involving Harbhajan Singh and Andrew Symonds that threatened to go out of hand during India's last tour Down Under.

Gilli claimed that Sachin initially told the hearing that he could not hear what was said because he was ‘a fair way… away’. But during the appeal which followed, Sachin said that Harbhajan used a Hindi term what sounded like ‘monkey’ to the Australian ears.

Now the point is, “How come the word ‘monkey’ falls under any racial abuse category?” If so, “Then why other words such as Tiger, Lion, Kangaroo, Kiwi, Elephant, etc. are exempted?”

Plus, Gilli’s rubbish commentary continues as –

“... I heard Harbhajan said to Ricky, ‘Sorry, I apologise, it won't happen again.’ The look on Harbhajan's face was telling. He looked like he was thinking, ‘Oh, shit! What have I done here? They're all over me.’

“... Harbhajan already apologised for doing it in India and promised not to do it again, but there he was, up to his old tricks. His promises meant little, and Ricky was reporting it to the match officials during the second Test in Sydney.”


Because how could Gilli know what was playing on Harbhajan’s mind? Is the famous wicketkeeper a face and thought reader too? If yes, then Gilli has a career here after cricket. He can jolly well sit on the streets of India with a parrot and start telling the fortune to people.

“Not a bad income idea, Gilli!”

In fact, this fortune telling might also be considered as yet another buffoon act brought to the entire world by the great Australian Cricket Circus and their players (read jokers) for quite a while from now.

Also, if Ponting needs to go the match officials to change his diapers more often than not, he can jolly well do it. However, for that, Harbhajan can’t dislodge his turban and make the wet Australian captain dry with the Shikh’s headdress, every time.

In addition, Gilli also accused both Sourav (Ganguly) and Harbhajan (Singh) as chickens because the awesome twosome didn’t take part in 2004 Nagpur Test versus Australia. The base of his allegation was the Indian duo feared the grassy wicket at the venue, so they cowered.

Gilli is desperate to prove the point that the Aussies are ever fearless and do never shrink in the jaws of any defeat or tie.

But, the reality told (and always tells) it otherwise.

Precisely, when the ‘underarm bowling incident of 1981 occurred on February 1, 1981’. Australia was playing New Zealand in a One Day International cricket match, the third of five matches in the final of the Benson & Hedges World Series Cup at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. For preventing New Zealand from scoring the six the Aussies needed to tie. That time, the then Australian captain Greg Chappell instructed his bowler (and brother) Trevor Chappell to deliver the last ball underarm, along the ground. This action was not technically illegal, but it was widely considered to be against the spirit of the game. (YouTube link of Trevor Chappell's bowling underarm.)

“Now, the great Greg, Gilli and Ponting, what you have to say or write on the spirit of the game? Or about the hyped up Aussie valor?!”


The fact is Gilli has started to play his role for the touring and back-footed Aussies in India in the ongoing series. This time off the field though. He is communicating those funny stuff in media about the Indian cricketers to spell a cast of tension and temper in the Indian camp so that our cricketers under perform. But to no avail, as like his guru Greg, Gilli has also failed to read the changed Indian psyche. That no more fluctuates under any evil force.

Moreover, Gilli needs to sell his book. By hook or crook. And where else but in India can he get a better market?! Hence, Gilli’s sobbing in TRUE COLOURS is a tactical negative campaign on the Indian players as per his PR practice to facilitate his book’s sales.

Finally, Gilli, we sympathise with you and your book-selling spree but can only offer WHITEWASH on your TRUE COLORS which is rather to be renamed as FALSE HUES.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

From Chak De to Do Chuck… India is reforming!

What is a tree? How dumb! A tree is a tree. What else can it be?!

Okay, now what’s in a tree?

WHAT?! Is it a question worth an answer at all?

Yes, if you can, please.

Huh, silliness at its best! Well, there are roots, stem, branches, leaves, flowers, and fruits in a tree.

You forgot to mention a few things.


Yes, you said nothing about birds (and their spoils), the sun, rain, oxygen, shadows, shelters, etc., which also complete a tree’s tree-ness. (Tree-ness??!!!)


Earlier not, but yeah, of late it is. Indeed.

What does it mean?

It means that days are rife for the roots to say that they are the trees. Or, for the stem to proclaim the same. Or, even for every single part of a tree to demand today or tomorrow that it’s the tree itself.

Very funny! This is impossible. It just can never happen. Got it?

I got it. But Raj and the likes don’t.

Who is Raj?

Come on, you don’t know Raj???!!!


Shame on you then! As, in recent times, he’s the most happening Indian in the nation.

How come?

Because he is heralding renaissance in Maharashtra!

Is it?

Yes, It is. And his monkeys, sorry his marshals, are called Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS).

That’s interesting! What do they do?

Frankly, it’s a million dollar question!

Ask, what they don’t? They do many things to lives and constantly remain in the thick of actions.

They beat the North Indians, they bang the Biharis, they might have plans to bash the Bengalis, and then burn the South Indians… they are workaholic, you see, and they are really instrumental to be the face of India’s reformation and, that too, complementing the nation’s tryst with globalisation!

F***, if this is globalisation, then what is mindless and petty localisation?

Well, that localisation, which you pointed out, happened to be what the early FOOLS (read the FREEDOM FIGHTERS) used to pursue, practice and die for, for achieving us SWARAJ!

Are you nuts!? How dare you call our SHAHID FREEDOM FIGHTERS fools!

Look, don’t get agitated for nothing. First know, what SWARAJ is, then react.

Fine! Then EXPLAIN it?

Actually, SWARAJ denotes a city, or, a state, or, a country, or, for that matter, even the whole world that belongs to the leaders such as Raj and the likes, who beat around the BUSH (pun intended) in the name of renaissance or reformation and incessantly declare wars, one after another, rather on innocent people.

And mind you; they are not terrorists, okay! You better appreciate that. Hence, address them with due respect as the reformists. Moreover, they also swear by the mantra “Dhande-mataram”, glossing a little over Bankimchandra’s Bande-mataram!

Also, if Netaji Subhas hadn’t asked the whole India to worship Maa Kali or get slaughtered by his Azad Hind Fauz, or, if C. Rajagopalachari couldn’t force Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Lala Lajpat Rai to eat Idli, Sambar, Vadai, Rasam, Dosa everyday, failing which he would start his crusade for an independent (South) India; it can’t be considered as Raj or others’ dirty-politics only … right?

Those leaders were fools, undoubtedly, as they had thrown away their life to gift us our SWARAJ. However, Raj and our other present leaders are wise. So, they take away our life to rebuild a new SWARAJ! “Navnirman”, for sure!

Disgusting! What are you saying? We should protest against this nuisance.

Yes, we could have protested, had we have time for it. But, you know, we are busy people. Our priorities are different. For us, Time is Money.

Plus, we have our families. We have our jobs. We have our cocktail parties. We have a hell lot of other obligations. Still, we show our concern for others and for our nation, and, anyway, we do our bits.

We read newspapers, we watch news channels, we follow stock-markets, we express our helplessness, we maintain our dignified silence, we offer our blissful ignorance, and, more often than not, we acknowledge the fact that India is growing!

Yes, India is growing! It is evolving. It is improving.

Possibly, that’s why, today’s India can take its stride SO FAST and WILD on the terror-track to finish its race in no real time.

In fact, to match the speed of this premature death, once the nation’s rich edifice of INTEGRITY IN DIVERSITY is also slumping down today and turning out to be a shallow slum of DIVERSITY IN INTEGRITY, very soon.

And, inhabiting there, we can only murmur, inaudibly of course, like the prisoners of pathos: “Do Chuck India… Do Chuck India…” - sadly replacing our WINNING and resonant exclamation of UNITY: “Chak De India”… forever.

So, what next?

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Copywriting is not Rocket Science

The greatest bluff I have ever come across in advertising is, “Copywriters are born, not made.”

To be honest, this ad-adage has no real value and had perhaps been conceptualised long ago by a herd of influential people who wanted to con and control the field within their own circle or lobby, facing no competition as such from anyone external.

Whatever it is, the fact remains as simple as that, “Copywriters are made, not born, and copywriting is not rocket science.”

Now, let me help you experience a few nuggets of copywriting, so that you can actually understand the subject on your own.


Copywriting is a stunning and successful occupation and, as anything successful has many fathers, this profession is also having many definitions.

The simplest being: “Copywriting is nothing but salesmanship in writing.” It’s a little customised version of John E. Kennedy’s BIG-TIME definition of advertising, “Advertising is salesmanship in print.”

Though, if you want to elaborate, you can define it as, “Copywriting is an art and science form of communications to market the image (emotional benefits/connects) or functional benefits; promo-offers or mere-mentions of a Brand (product/service) in different media, on various mediums, ensuring results such as brand-recall, sales, repeat-sales and, last but not least, evangelism*.”

*Evangelism is a phenomenon that climaxes a consumer to become and remain as a loyal Brand custodian who spreads the Brand-goodwill to others rather voluntarily.

Of course, copywriting is not a cakewalk; at the same time, it’s not as tough as walking on the moon.

Every copy structure follows the old yet ever-gold formula called AIDA.

Where, A = Get Attention; I = Arouse Interest; D = Stimulate Desire; and A = Ask for Action.

Ideally, in an ad, Headline (and sub-headline) along with visual(s) (unless the ad is totally copy heavy) gets the attention and arouses the interest of consumers. Body copy does the rest. And Baseline (if any) communicates the line of positioning/image of a Brand.

For example: “The complete man, since 1925.” The baseline of Raymond’s clearly conveys what the Brand’s image is and how it connects with consumers, emotionally.
However, this abovementioned formula is not untouchable. And like any other laws, AIDA has its exception as well.

For instance: The ads of United Colors of Benetton. In those ads visuals say and do it all, leaving hardly any room for copy to live in.


Before jumping onto the keyboard to construct any copy, a copywriter needs to do a set of things –

a) First and foremost, reading and analysing a creative brief properly and thoroughly. In case any doubt prevails, a copywriter should always ask for clarity on the brief and should be very clear on his mind even about what’s not written in the brief but very much present there as between the lines’ expression.

b) Ideation should be done next. Preferably sitting along with an art-partner. This ideation process should not deviate from the objective of communications – as stated in the brief. And ideas are mostly welcome visually, since visual is a universal language that cuts across every barrier, globally.

c) Once the idea is cracked, constructing of copy should be done on the blocks by getting answers to the following questions –

· What’s the objective of the piece of communications that you are going to write the copy for? I mean, what the result is to be yielded by the ad?
· Who’s your Target Audience/Group (TA/G)?
· What do you want to communicate to them?
· Where do you want to reach them? I mean, what’s your media mix?
· Why do you think they will trust your communications?
· What are the triggers are you offering them to take an action, fast or slow?
· What mechanism are you embedding in your communications to measure their actions, later on?

d) And when mind is ready with all the answers at a convincing level, copywriting should begin.

If you can memorise the following points, copywriting won’t crash on you like any meteoroid –

1) Think of simple ideas. Because it’s only consumers who can make or break your ideas BIG or small. So don’t suffer from the paranoia of thinking BIG ideas, every time.

2) Be observant and absorbent to the core. Use your all five-senses plus the sixth sense i.e. commonsense all the time. And learn from your day to day affairs. As you have to write ads for people who are always around you, unlike the aliens.

3) Read a lot. From comics to cosmic stories. From sex to spirituality. Whatever comes to your hand, flip through its pages. More you read, better you write.

4) Follow ads. Good ones as well as the bad. It helps you understand the nuances of communications.

5) Write in “easy-to-connect” language. For that matter, if you have to trouble Mr. Wren and Mr. Martin; take it easy. As a line like “Ye Dil Maange More” of Pepsi is not grammatically correct but successfully sold off and acclaimed in India. So copywriting is not writing grammatically correct things only, it’s about writing something that ignites a consumer’s passion and empathises with his/her emotion.

6) If you are just beginning your career, make sure to develop your mock portfolio. That should hold at least 5 fictitious campaigns of yours done on different brands. Your portfolio should encompass print ads, TVC storylines (if not script or storyboard), and radio spots.

7) After you write copy, read it aloud. If your copy is jerking here and there phonetically then it’s not good copy. In that case, improve your lines until they read and sound smooth.

8) Subsequent to your creation of an ad, if you don’t feel like seeing the ad again with same kind of passion and interest when you created it first, immediately tear off the ad and make your waste-paper bin glad with it. Because it’s crime to expect others will see and appreciate your ad, which you yourself are no more interested in.

And on a lighter note, you may also remember a few more points to be a successful copywriter though application of those points is entirely your risk.

I) Go for hair, (moustache), (and beard) maneuver.

II) Flirt like anything with the opposite sex in office or outside.

III) Fart in the closet of AC conference room while you don’t feel like attending a mundane job-list meeting.

IV) Have sex, safely and secretly, as SEX SELLS.

Finally, “Happy copywriting!”

Monday, October 20, 2008

Aren’t We Brands?

Peter and Paul were close friends, since years. Their closeness even would allow one rob Peter to pay Paul and vice versa. And for that, neither Peter did mind ever nor did Paul.

When Peter began to date his childhood crush Patricia, Paul started courting his long cherished dream of launching a men’s apparel label.

Peter and Paul were ignited to plan a life of their own.

In due course, Peter got married to Patricia, so did Paul with his company called Paul’s.

The first executions took place meeting the guys’ individual plans.

As the water kept flowing under the bridge, Patricia became expectant to deliver her and Peter’s first issue, while Paul was about to roll out his first product to the world.

Courtesy: their respective R&D with love and passion, at home, at work.

Soon, Peter and Patricia introduced their son and baptized him as Allan and Paul christened his label as Adam and presented the same.

The baby and the label… both received their name and brand-name, respectively.

Gradually, Allan commenced his journey to school, college, B-school and Adam made his foray into shopping malls, retail shops, brand shops, etc. There Allan won many friends and Adam won many consumers.

Allan and Adam got into their relevant categories and were well accepted in market.

Allan made strong strides everywhere and achieved certificates, degrees, and diplomas galore, while Adam achieved quality-hallmarks, media-mentions, and ad-awards in abundance.

The man and the product earned laurels, according to their individual merits, and succeeded as brands.

Peter and Patricia were ageing, so they wanted Allan to settle down. On the other hand, Paul was also contemplating for getting Adam a partner for life.

After much cajoling, Allan gave in and Adam didn’t thwart Paul’s desire either.

Alice tied the nuptial-knot with Allan and Eve (a women's label) sealed Adam’s fate as his better-half.

Fresh packaging and promotion in life occurred for the man and the brand.

Then came the moment, Allan and Adam were geared up to be father, and Peter and Paul were ecstatic with the prospect of becoming grandfathers.

Jennifer, a sweet little angel, was born to Allan and Alice, where Adam and Eve added the kid-brand Tiny-Toes to their family.

Extension and growth happened for both Allan (the human) and Adam (the brand) to help their families and themselves survive and excel… in life.

Now, having compared Allan with Adam, is there any reason for us not to believe that humans are not brands or brands are not humans?

“NO!” I guess.

Just the reason, I strongly opine, “To be in rank with success a brand needs to have a human-aura and a human got to wear a brand-image.”

(Admit it. Or not.)

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

FUCK: The Simplest Sutra for Productive Teamwork

I’m not a guru. I hardly know everything about life, or, for that matter, anything BIG. Besides, my education is pretty less because I couldn’t afford to do any MBA as of now. All I know are little, little things learned from my several real life experiences and the only sense I have is commonsense.

I live simple. I think simpler. And I communicate the simplest. I can only listen to my heart and can just talk my mind. Though it doesn’t necessarily mean that whatever I communicate is always right or ultimate; err is human… and I’m no animal either.

In fact, my English is also not up to the mark. Some people always find follies in my lines (and between the lines). I can understand and appreciate their concern for my language, as I know they do care for me.

But again, as you know, the world is full of careless, casual and unconcerned people; they keep reading my stuff – grammatical errors notwithstanding – so I keep writing for them.

And here goes below yet another non-intellectual, typical homemade lecture of mine, which I have delivered to the content generation team at an esteemed IT organisation, recently –

The problem with the company was the content team was reluctant and not motivated enough to function as a team and as a result their gross-productivity was suffering.

The best and the simplest thing I could to do was offer them – the team members – a 5-mins hearing of my plain and vanilla narration of an ant’s story, which I experienced firsthand.

“Observe an ant. How it reacts to an assignment. For instance: collecting food for home.

“First, an ant approaches to something which it thinks can be its food. To start with, it takes a cautious approach. Once it’s convinced, it gets excited about the prospect of finishing the job. The ant’s body language changes. It gets excited and happy! It Found (the real) FUN in the task in hand.

“But, as you know, no real fun is complete, or, can be enjoyed fully without friends / colleagues / family-members; the ant tries to Get UNITED with others and builds a gang around the food, immediately.

“There on, the ants make a cluster or a huddle; as if they have instantly Developed a COMMUNITY to share and exchange knowledge among them within the community for reaping rich benefits from the project on the cards… that is how to bring home the food, fast and successfully.

“And in the process, the ants KNOW More and Better how to gain maximum from the food and begin their job of taking the food home rather systematically, ensuring the highest productivity as a team.

“That’s all!”

Listening to it, one guy from the content team then asked me, “Sushovan, now can you suggest us a simple law or sutra in a line to sum up this entire motivational stuff, so that we can remember it easily?”

I smiled back and pat came my reply, “Yes, I can. Do remember it as FUCK!”

Find FUN > Get UNITED > Develop COMMUNITY > KNOW More and Better.

Simple. Isn’t it?

Well, the result of this lecture is the company has already observed the rise in motivation in the content team and is expecting higher productivity, very soon. And I’m invited again to open my mouth for them time to time.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Nakata in Bengal

Sursuri Nakata is an ever smiling Japanese industrialist. He is a latex baron in Britain. His wife is a Bengali lady. They have no issue. Because his company-made condoms work wonder worldwide! Mr. Nakata has always been a very happy husband. Simple proof of this fact exudes when he talks in English with pure Bengali accent. Dyslexia of dialect could never deter Mr. Nakata’s love for his darling wife. So when his wife Samata requested him to live ‘equal’ to the task of her motherland West Bengal’s industrial surge, Mr. Nakata pulled up his socks and folded his sleeves to establish a mammoth condom factory at Vringigram. A place, which is close to Shivtala and adjacent to Nandigram.

Next morning, Mr. Nakata caught an early flight. Landed at Dumdum airport and reached ITC Sonar Bangla Hotel on eastern metropolitan bypass within two hours, only. Thanks to the city’s traffic marvel!

At the lobby of the hotel, quite by chance Mr. Nakata bumped into his distant brother-in-law Mr. Patol Karmokar, who is no inferior to the marketing guru Philip Kotler, for his in-depth window shopping knowledge and acumen.

Immediately, Patol ordered two cups of coffee to grant Mr. Nakata paying the bill for the beverage later on and sat with a loud thud on one of the sofas at the lounge. Mr. Nakata followed Patol’s suit and both indulged in an impromptu tête-à-tête.

Below are the excerpts –

Patol: Long time back at Kolkata, right Jiju?

Nakata: Yeah!

Patol: Why suddenly here?

Nakata: To present my plan of establishing a condom factory at Vringigram.

Patol: But why there? Why in West Bengal?

Nakata: Well, as your didi said.

Patol: Just for that? Don’t tell me!

Nakata: Right. Not just for that. Actually I have chosen West Bengal for two other reasons.

Patol: Like?

Nakata: First, for ‘peace’, as here Buddha rules. Second, for ‘power’, as here Kali acts.

Patol: Okies.. I see. Now what would be the name of your Brand?

Nakata: Bandh.

Patol: Bandh??????????!!!!!!!!!!! What???????!!!! Bandh????!!!

Nakata: Yes! Bandh. That’s the only word which is going to click here. And this name will take my Brand high to higher to the highest level on Brand recall and in sales, very fast.

Patol: Got it. But what would be the product like? I mean what would be your range of products for the people of Bengal?

Nakata: We will have three types… First for SEC A: the condoms will be double coated providing extra protection. Second for SEC B: the condoms will be washable offering better economy… and last but least for SEC C: the condoms will be perforated ensuring protective growth of the vote-bank.

Patol: Amazing, Jiju! Amazing!

Nakata: True.

Patol: What about the pricing?

Nakata: The pricing won’t be constant; we will keep on increasing it once in every week. So that at least two bandhs take place every month against the price hike; naturally giving free mileage and greater Brand recall to our Brand Bandh.

Patol: Jiju, I love you. You are toooo much!

Nakata: Hmmmmm…

Patol: And your idea of promoting the product?

Nakata: No advertisement. But free PR. As whenever a Bandh will happen, we will automatically get the promotion i.e. the communication support. We will simply thrive on newspaper-clippings and news channel-bytes. A headline like: “Bandh condom is scheduled to face another 24-hours Bangla bandh,” will be just perfect for us.

Patol: How to deal with your placement? How would reach your consumers?

Nakata: Simple. As long as the party offices are there at every nook and corner in the state, reaching SEC B or SEC C customers is not a problem. And for SEC A, long live shopping malls and multiplexes!

Patol: Great! But packaging?

Nakata: For SEC A, it will be of handmade paper. For SEC B, plastic. For SEC C, banana leaf.

Patol: Interesting! Between what would be your logo, Jiju?

Nakata: A sickle with a three-leafed sapling. A perfect harmony among the Bandh manufacturer, the Bandh marketer and the Bandh consumer.

Patol: Fatafati!!!! (Outstanding!!!!)

Nakata: Winked. (God knows how he did so with his typical Japanese pair of eyes!)

Patol: In case you have to say goodbye as did the Tatas, then?

Nakata: They were the Tatas, so they said, “Ta Ta,” but I’m Nakata (Na Kata = Not Cut), hence cutting me off the block is not so easy!

Patol: Bingo!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sure Jiju, you are going to stay in Bengal.

Nakata: YES! FOR SURE.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cricket, Maharaj and We

No more crickets’ call will create the cacophony of prediction when the Royal Bengal Tiger will leave the jungle of cricket. Because with his decision to walk off the spikes, Sourav (Maharaj) silenced those who have been trying to keep his willow mum for quite sometime from now.

“Right decision mate; and kudos to you once again for your guts to step off the crease to caress the cherry flying high over the rope for the last time!

“I’m proud of you, as I have always been.”

In fact, Maharaj’s judgment to call it a day took me back to our school days. It was time when St. Xavier’s and Jadavpur High School happened to be the fiercest of opponents on the turf. And both Maharaj and his team and I and my team would lock horn in the CAB league, Thums UP trophy, etc. Not only that but also our camping together at the Eden Gardens for the Bengal School squad remains fresh till date on my mind.

Then onwards Maharaj made it to the big, bigger and biggest leagues gradually and quite deservingly as, from the word go, he had in him what it takes to separate a real talent from the herd of average like me.

As a cricketer Maharaj’s rise had always been phenomenal, so had his flight to captaincy. When he was asked to lead the Indian cricket team, the team was perhaps on its all time low. Thanks to the betting scandal and the subsequent departure of the great players like Azharuddin, Ajay Jadeja, etc. off the pitch.

Given this situation, even when the brave heart Sachin denied accepting the throne of thorn, nothing could deter Maharaj to take the responsibility and sit pretty on it as if he’s on the cushion of roses.

He built the team almost single-handedly, backed up the juniors, and for the first time in the Indian cricketing history created successfully the Brand: TEAM INDIA.

The TEAM INDIA’s demolition on the mighty Aussies became a cause of national pride that actually and factually set the tone of “We can” that eventually took the team even to the world cup final in South Africa after 1983.

Maharaj and his all team members were like a happy family that time. But there Maharaj started to commit the greatest blunders of his life one after another.

First, he took the side of a Ranji player of Maharashtra Abhijit Kale by stating tactlessly in media, “No cricketer can take the risk of framing any selector if there is no truth,” when Kale framed Kiron More for taking handsome bribe from him to help Kale secure a place in the national team. May be, Maharaj said it as he was always spontaneous and loved to talk his mind, but More had other thoughts, which he proved later on by giving back Maharaj the price (with due interests) for those loose words.

Next, Maharaj made another blunder when he actually voted in favour of his and his beloved TEAM INDIA’s nemesis the grand and great Greg Chappell. But, that time Maharaj was thinking of the bigger cause of generating high-voltage success in the world cup 2007, blending his aggression with Chappell’s power. But alas! Chappell had other intention and vested interest.

Intelligent Maharaj was totally outfoxed there by the sly and cunning Chappell. During the honeymoon period with Maharaj, Chappell guessed it right that if Maharaj was out or kept under tremendous mental pressure then the TEAM INDIA’s chance of winning the world cup would come down to zero. As a result of that, the Aussies could enjoy a cakewalk in the cup and take home the trophy, putting no significant efforts.

Sensing that, he started to play his card accordingly that started with his below-par-gentle email - sent to Mr. Ranbir at the BCCI against Maharaj from Zimbabwe.

The last but four and three paragraphs of Chappell’s email read respectively as –

“This team has been made to be fearful and distrusting by the rumour mongering and deceit that is Sourav's modus operandi of divide and rule. Certain players have been treated with favour, all of them bowlers, while others have been shunted up and down the order or left out of the team to suit Sourav's whims.

“John Wright obviously allowed this to go on to the detriment of the team. I am not prepared to sit back and allow this to continue or we will get the same results we have been seeing for some time now.”

Utter rubbish! To prove this email as nothing but Chappell’s crap, none other than Harbhajan opened his mouth big and honestly while the indomitable Shikh was quoted refuting -

“I have played for almost five years under the captaincy of Ganguly and never felt like that. In fact, he takes personal interest to boost each and every player during practice as well as during a match.

“Ganguly has rebuilt this team and whatever the team has achieved so far, credit goes to the captain.”

Singh continued to bash Chappell’s baseless allegation as the shrewd Aussie’s quirk –

“Not only me but no other player was aware of Chappell complaining against Sourav. We were all shocked to know about the issue after landing in India.

“After the controversy over Chappell's reported suggestion to Sourav to step down from captaincy, everything seemed normal as Chappell himself had said the controversy is over and now everyone should concentrate on the game and I don't know what prompted Chappell to send an e-mail to the Board against the captain.

“As far as I am concerned, as a senior member of the team, I will reveal the truth if the Board asks for the same. I have lot to reveal about the Zimbabwe tour but I will do so only at the appropriate time and at an appropriate level.”

And being asked to compare former coach John Wright and Chappell, Harbhjan added to his punch in a lighter vein, “Anybody can judge it from the on-going controversies.”

Actually, Chappell did everything keeping a longer interest in mind for the Aussies. Just the reason, he was quite cleverly also trying to blunt the other edges of the Indian lethal swords, precisely Irfan, in the name of his “team for the future” experimentation. To be precise, Irfan’s deadly swing was totally vanished as he was guided by Chappell to bat more than bowl, which earned Irfan nothing in the world cup 2007… and Irfan is still struggling to get those sinful parabola back in action while he delivers the leather.

And once the world cup 2007 got over, the wily Chappell realised his job was quite well done, if not accomplished fully. Now before he got unmasked, quite willingly he even challenged Sachin’s integrity. He knew it for a fact that if he could stand up on Sachin’s toes, he won’t be spared and he wanted this spat badly to get a reason to escape from India as soon as possible. Chappell desperately needed this break to cool his heels away from the Indian’s heat of wrath.

Again our great politicians and wise board members at BCCI altogether fell prey to Chappell’s well-crafted resignation drama and let him flee rather gleefully to come back again to Jaipur even more smilingly to extend his damage, now at the grass root level of the Indian cricket fraternity.

Not to wonder!

Because that’s us, and our characters of believing in that only the whites know everything better than us, thus it’s our birth and democratic rights to suffer from colonial hangover forever.

Otherwise, instead of slamming a midget cricketer like Flintoff of England for his mid-finger raise and bare chest display in India, we wouldn’t have tried to pin down Maharaj for the wagging of his jersey at the Lord’s balcony after the Natwest Win.

Some bloggers had also written that this act of Maharaj was against India’s culture and sophistication to the outside world but those culture conscious and sophisticated bloggers couldn’t afford to be ashamed (perhaps that time they were busy buying their underwear) of the issues like Ram Mandir, Babri Masjid demolition, etc. - where those bloody incidents had truly made the entire India strip in front of the world.

However, “Maharaj you have always been the prince of Kolkata, the King of India and the Lord of the Lords, so start your new innings on a high decibel. The cricket needs you minus the crickets. Hence roar aloud once again as a commentator or as an administrator, as a selector or as a coach, and above else as a simple human.”

Finally, “Maharaj, bhalo thakish!” (“Maharaj, keep well!”)

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Great Indian Matri-market

I do read matrimonial ads! Do you? If yes, good; if not, better. Why do I read? Well, not for my marriage. Unfortunately for my wife, and fortunately for me that perennial accident has happened. Already.

Then why do I waste time and energy on those ads?! Because I have neither time nor energy; so what to waste and how? I rather invest on those ads.


Yes, I invest my commonsense on them and try to envisage, if those ads are giving me any idea! And they give. In fact, more often than not. But I hardly exclaim anything by shouting, “Eureka!” For, I’m not very comfortable with the idea of running naked out of toilet and, that too, exposing my more than 50-kg underweight built! I do care for my wife and don’t dare to my neighbours.

But what do I read there, which does tempt me to give complex to Archimedes? Nothing but the desperate lines in almost every ad that try to hard-sell the brand-grooms and the brand-brides.

For example:

Bride exquisitely beautiful. Only daughter. Well-established in father’s business. Father is a big shot. Uncle stays in the US. Maternal uncle plans to visit UK. Cousin brother IIT grad. Sis-in-law hails from a royal family. Mother social worker and reputed organizer of kitty parties. Highly qualified groom with astronomical income wanted. Mail detailed CV with recent snaps to ………………………………………….


Groom IT professional in MNC. Father business magnet. Mother the greatest housewife. Brother-in-law rocket scientist. Sister the mars watcher. All uncles and aunts are tycoons. Looking for stunningly beautiful, working, caring, expert in household, English speaking bride. Communicate with recent photographs and relevant details at …………………………………..

Interesting! Isn’t it?

Now can anyone help me evaporate the following doubts –

Who can’t be well-established in her father’s business? (Foster fathers are not considered though.)
What attributes or qualities of the brand-bride herself have been communicated to the prospective brand-grooms?
If the TA (brand-groom) is expected to be highly qualified with astronomical income (sense, sensibility, sensitivity, and sensuality included), why should he be interested in the abovementioned brand-bride?

Exactly in the same vein, my doubts continue on most of the brand-grooms’ ads targeted at the brand-brides.

And from that cauldron of doubts, I have struggled to churn out some tragic (if not magic) potion of ideas imitating Asterix – the indomitable.

That is, there is a huge, ever growing, always demanding, never declining, and challenging and evolving matri-market awaiting us. The Brand: Humans.

Thereby more dedicated, more committed, and more focused and more purposeful personalised communication is becoming important everyday. Thus in the process a communication gap is getting created, which is to be felt and filled up by none but eventually by the practitioners of communication comprising of ad agencies, direct marketing players, communication consultants and the like.

So, having a “marriage-communication cell” and, for that matter, having a full-fledged “my communication care” is not an inane or insane business viability, which the communication companies / network can afford to ignore anymore.

In fact, by providing this service the agencies and the like can reach closer to consumers than ever before. Consumer touch points will be increased and, as a result, consumer psyche will be better exposed (one-on-one almost all the time), analysed and perceived. And this knowledge will also help the agencies to bring into their edge of consumer-understanding more confidently with clarity on the table for their respective clients and the clients’ brands.

Plus, in this system for gaining this knowledge the agencies are paid by consumers; quite in contrast to any consumer research; as consumers readily believe and are convinced, of course for the reason obvious, that they are actually buying customised “my communication solutions” from the agencies.

That’s why, if we predict that the great Indian matri-market is pregnant with potentiality to redefine the communication landscape in the country on account of personalised communication, it’s got to be heard as a clarion call by the ad agencies and the like to provide “my communication care” to consumers, sooner than later.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Digital is Time

My understanding of the digital is divided into some parts. Here they are –

During a visit to Delhi, I bumped into one of my ex-colleagues (who used to report to me at Wunderman, Delhi; now a Creative Supervisor at an esteemed agency) quite by chance. While both being on the rocks, he suggested me rather intellectually (I didn't know though, whether it was the effect of his hard and speedy draws at the drink) that the digital is the future. I got amazed! As I never knew of his calibre of prophecy. From then on, I read, listened to, and put conscious, subconscious, unconscious efforts to understand what's this digital all about. More so, as to some, it's the nemesis of the conventional medium. To some, it's the redefinition of communications. To some, it's the future. And to some, (who are simply the simple thinkers like me), is nothing but confusion.

Well, if there is confusion or problem, there got to be a solution. In that case, a definition of understanding will help my polite brain think hard and wise; at least for a change. So I thought. Yes, I thought. Nothing BIG, but simple and humble. And this helped, and still helps me define the digital as: (all about) TIME.

TIME!!?? Why so?

Let me explain. If this is future, then how come we define it so surely at present? If this is present, then what were we thinking of and doing with at the past? The answer is: We were, still are, will ever be thinking of and doing with the digital. However, it's now only or of late that we have started to create a buzz or make a noise around the digital halo… so that our myopia hitherto can be sold off henceforth as our foresight into the future.

Also the digital is TIME, because it helps a consumer consume communications in time, on time, for time and with time.

In time… because: "Eventually" it helps the consumption of communications.
On time… because: "Immediately" it helps the consumption of communications.
For time… because: "Increasingly" it helps the consumption of communications.
With time… because: "Relevantly" it helps the consumption of communications.

To prove my points, what else can I furnish but a few real life case studies –

Case 1
ProblemSamsung IT had a problem. Their System Integrators (SI) of printers and monitors were having a very cold relationship with the organization. Resulting: a constant dip in sales was happening and the Brand image was also suffering. To address this problem, Samsung wanted to bring the SIs across India on a common platform. The objective was to get the personal data of the workforce to forge a one-on-one interaction and relationship with the SIs in no real time, in fact within a month, rather conveniently. Samsung approached ARC Worldwide, Delhi and the agency approached me for the solution.

SolutionI thought of two performance-based-instant-reward programs for the printer-SIs and for the monitor-SIs. I christened the programs: "Singapore Calling" and "Desh Bhi, Videsh Bhi", respectively. Simultaneously, a site was created called after I characterized a virtual "friend-philosopher-guide" identity: "Sambhai" from Samsung IT for the SIs. On the site, the program details were flashed and through the print ads in the chosen newspapers and trade magazines the SIs were communicated and invited onto the site for more details. In fact, to participate the SIs had to register on the site first and foremost.

ResultThe initiative was an instant hit among the SIs. And more than 70% of them registered on the site. The mission of getting the personal data of the SIs was accomplished with a huge success.

Case 2

ProblemIndia's one of leading matrimonial sites* wanted to reach the net savvy people, especially the male (20-40 years), in a unique way. But they were reluctant to spend much. Still they wanted good result.
*Can't name the site as per my contract with the client.
SolutionI took the viral route. Simply used a famous social network and friendship site as the reference site. Just created 100 fictitious profiles of sexy and inviting gals on that site. Each gal invited a visitor (a guy) to click on a provided link in her profile, in case the guy wanted to see the hot pictures of hers. Once clicked, the visitor reached on yet another page where the gal asked him further to click on yet another link, if he wanted to access her personal contacts before caring for an intimate date. And when that link was clicked, the guy found himself actually on the matrimonial site's home page created with a number of prospective brides' brief info and compelling snaps.

ResultThe number of visitors on the matrimonial site increased more than 30%. And the number is still increasing.

CONCLUSIONIn order to sum up my take on digital medium & communications, I cite the following –

· Digital is not the nemesis of other mediums & communications and vice versa.
· Digital is our chance to consume communications & information the way we want.
· Digital is the domain of 4Is: Instant, Interaction, Inspiration and Innovation.
· Digital is the medium for convergence, as well as for divergence.
· Digital is not only about creating site, banners, batch, eDM, etc. and counting the hit per click… instead it's all about redefining communications, replacing USP with UCP (Up, Close & Personal i.e. You Create Positioning).
· Digital is the only medium that's purely experiential, thus communications on/in this medium got to be "exclusively and personally common" but not common, uncommon or alien.
· Digital is all about TIME.