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Friday, November 28, 2008


Yet another mayhem of militants has been rocking the tinsel town for more than 48 hours from now. A real life blockbuster is happening at Mumbai. Two hotels - the Taj and the Trident are staging the mega shows in particular where guests in those hospitable institutes and innocent people at large are giving away their lives to grenades, bullets and bombs.

As usual the natives from other cities and states in India are quite proactive in consuming and sharing the news and nimble enough for expressing shocks and sadness, anxiety and anger, and condolence to the slaughtered ones and their bereaved family members.

But is it just the action which is expected from the people of India against terrorists and their heinous and gory exploits of this magnitude?

If the answer is yes, then let’s celebrate terrorism like this only; today at Mumbai, tomorrow at Delhi, day after tomorrow at Kolkata and so on.

Or, if the answer is NO, then all of us have to put our thoughts and act altogether and begin a syndicated assault on terrorism at every nook and corner of the country. NOW.

This effort or movement can be termed as “Terror on Terrorism” or “Counter Terrorism”.

I’m sure reading hitherto some intellectual foreheads have got the crease on, or some attitudinal eyebrows have made some upward arches, or some sagging lips have gone dry making acute angles to rubbish this concept.

And, why not, as the world, precisely India, is full of “how-can-I-do-it-alone?!” typos to whom it’s always easier to follow one’s back than leading from the front or taking any initiative on their own. As if they also follow someone else, while they hit the bed to do it with their spouses. I wonder! I’m bewildered!

It’s really pathetic that that kind of passing the buck game has become a well cherished and ideally practiced phenomenon in our society and system where we rather call this scenario as “diplomacy”.

Funny! If this is diplomacy then what is hypocrisy? What is collective fear, chocking and cringe?

Ironical that militants have still failed to understand the simple fact that in India they don’t need to kill innocent people to dethrone the system. Because the system itself had come down to dust a long ago in this country when we actually divided our motherland into India and Pakistan to meet one’s personal greed of becoming India’s first prime minister.

On the contrary, no force, no atom bomb, no militants, no terrorists can do any harm to us, if we just do the basics right and follow the maxim “Charity begins at home” or “Self-help is the best help”.

We don’t need leaders, we don’t need any police, and we don’t need any paramilitary. All we need is the courage and spirit to withstand self and others and a compassionate mind to think that what’s happening at Mumbai today can also happen in our bedroom on the next day.

So we better be prepared, and begin leading from the front. And in the process bring the ULTIMATE TERROR on terrorism.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shelter Your Image

When it rains cats and dogs, or just drizzles, or the sun decides to toast you with its scorching heat, and albeit you have to go out then what comes first on your mind? No poetry, I guess.

Then and there you think of nothing but an UMBRELLA for sure to hold it over your head and step out.

Now if you think a little deeper, I’m sure you also acknowledge that an umbrella means more than just a shelter to you on moves.

In fact, an umbrella helps you relate to the inspiration of your grandpa, or to the protection of your parents; to the first kiss in the rain, or to the first loss of anything in a private vehicle; to the impromptu support of a friend, or to the nagging load in your bag or hand… altogether to the world where you belong to and which belongs to you.

Undoubtedly this world is your very own. Still it behaves like the unknown. Because it tests your character, evaluates your merit, tickles your feelings, puts light on your personality, examines your image, challenges your confidence and demands your success… wherever you go or whatever you do beyond the assurance, comfort and safety of your cocoon called YOURSELF.

And this is that. Accept it or not. Either you have to win a life of your choice or you have to be defeated, conceding others’ preferences.

Hence it’s better if you decide to win. And this decision should be substantiated with your choice of things that you want to do, want to wear, want to carry, want flaunt, or simply want to conceal.

Be it your shirt or saree; your watch or bracelet; your perfume or lipstick; or simply your umbrella match it with yourself in such a way that it complements only your personality, rather exclusively, creating an image that’s unique and unmatched.

It’s not far fetched or any ridicule; insanity or obscene, in case you unfurl an umbrella which is designed for you only… thereby giving shelter not only to your body but also to your matchless image as expressed by your personality, traits, characteristics, behaviour, lifestyle, style, and, last but not least, your profession – while you decide to take the rain or the sun in your stride. Outside.

The trend is called IMAGE SHELTERING! Brought to you by your UMBRELLA. That's "YOUnique".

So, to know more about how to shelter your image exclusively underneath an umbrella, feel free to email at: or immediately.

After all, time and tide, and exclusivity don’t really wait.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Q Factor

This article is the reproduction of one of my columns that I had once written for the column ‘Edu Adda’ in Education Times – with whom I happened to be an Invitee Columnist.

One fine morning, I had received a call from the then Editor of the publication who read me the following –

“I’m a student of Mechanical Engineering (3rd year) in Kalyani Engineering College, wanting to enhance on my soft skills by developing an attitude, communication, personality and confidence. I would like to know how EQ is over IQ. It will be great help, if you provide me with a few tips on the same and drop the name of a book or two that I can refer to in this regard.”

Once finished, as usual and as always, she had demanded my lines immediately for answering back to the guy through the column and offered me half-an-hour flat.

And obeying the ultimatum, I had no choice but obliging her with the stuff she wanted.

Attitude is an inherent and, to some extent, a worked out quality of yours. This quality can set you apart from others, easily. It can be of two types: Positive and Negative. Generally by mentioning of an Attitude, we mean the Positive Attitude. And to develop this (Positive) Attitude, it’s crucial for you to think Positive almost every time. Be it a no-win situation or a mere win-win, you have to think positive almost every time to turn it into all-win for you. Because you actually win a battle on mind much before it’s fought. And if you think, you can win, yes, you will. At least 80 times out of 100 – if not more.

Plus, your Attitude should always be executed by your action. Without any action, you can be rest assured that your Attitude will have no takers. For, life is action, not just contemplation. While you act, you got to learn from your every mistake and can never afford to commit the same mistake again (and again). During action, always deserve the very best and in case it’s not achieved despite of giving your 100%, accept it sportingly and put your pad on for playing the next innings. Failure is no sin or obscene but fearing failure is dangerous or an unpardonable crime. It’s sheer Negative Attitude, which never pays but pains.

Communication helps you develop an image of your own. Broadly, it has two genres: Verbal and Non-verbal. In Verbal Communication (which may also include writing), try to express things in the simplest way. Never use lingo or jargons, especially while you talk. It’s very important how you communicate so as to help your audience understand what you communicate. An insignificant matter might also become engrossingly interesting, if you can convey your message in a unique yet well-accepted and easily-comprehensible manner.

For Verbal Communication, your building blocks could well be watching news or talk shows on the quality English or regional channels on television. This practice will help you develop the right kind of pronunciation, accent and diction.

In case of Non-verbal Communication body language is the key. Listen attentively while someone is talking to you. In person or over the phone. Don’t shake your head too much, or stray your eyes here and there, or bite your nails, or put a hand on your face to get it covered while you are addressed in person. Always maintain a good pose and posture while you stand up or sit, and make sure to present a facial expression, which signals that you are ever interested to hear and know.

If character is the mirror, Personality is its polish. So it needs to be reflecting. Keeping yourself clean is a vital aspect of an attractive Personality. Always wear dresses that will keep you most comfortable in them. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your apparels should always be in line with the latest fashion or in vogue. Trim or cut your hair matching your face, use perfume or deodorant, and after shave while you go out. The stuff should smell soothing not overtly rich or incontrovertibly cheap. Don’t keep unruly nails on your fingers, or mud on your shoes – as nails and shoes are the hallmarks of one’s Personality. And don’t over do to highlight your Personality and hang a little smile, if not impossible, always on your lips.

Once your Attitude, Communication and Personality are developed and properly ordered, your Confidence will germinate and grow rather automatically. More you interact and share knowledge; it will add better values to your Confidence. Trust yourself and trust others in relationships, because your Confidence scales up greater heights when you can instill Confidence in others.

Well, now about EQ. EQ is the abbreviation of Emotional Quotient. It’s a sensitive work culture that brings the best out of every employee in an organisation. The fundamentals of this concept are Emotion, Emotion and Emotion. Opposite to logical and analytical understanding of gains like turnover, profits, market-share, etc., EQ helps and ensures an organisation succeed on intangible yields such as trust, reliability, loyalty, satisfaction, etc. It’s a process where one-on-one relationship and Emotion count more to general knowledge and intelligence that describe IQ. In a nutshell, EQ is letting your mind follow your heart.

Finally, to name the stuff in print (books or periodicals) as your guide; it should be the newspaper that you must unfold and look into daily. Going through the autobiographies of successful people is a real motivation to get and remain inspired. You may also refer to Daniel Goleman’s book on EQ. And most importantly, read to enjoy and enjoy to read. Anything. Everything.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Behind Every Ism there is Terrorism

On Saturday, 27th September 2008, a low intensity bomb blast rocked a flower market at Mehrauli. The blast occurred exactly two weeks after Delhi was splintered by five serial blasts in which 24 people were killed and more than 100 were injured, if media reports had to be believed.

This blast also took the life of a kid named Santosh on the spot, and later on two other’s who succumbed to their respective injuries at hospitals.

I read the news on a portal while I was chatting online with a friend who stays at Gurgaon. Since Mehrauli happens to be en route to Gurgaon, just out of curiosity I asked her whether everything was fine at her end. Pat came her reply that she was okay but her in-laws experienced a close shave. Knowing that, I got more curious. So I asked whether her in-laws were present in the market at the time of blast or they live nearby the blast spot. She replied immediately that her in-laws stay 12-Km away from that Mehrauli market.

Her answer totally outwitted me, honestly. I failed to answer back. Because, how could people at 12-Km away be designated with a close shave tag, I don’t know. I was amazed!

Nevertheless, the abovementioned chat experience helped me understand that nowadays a terrorist blast is not just a blast. Instead, it has greater implications which offer ripple effects in society that can be categorised or classified as different ‘isms’ which are earnestly followed by people from different walks.

Just like my friend did, as the blast i.e. terrorism excited her amplifying her in-laws proximity to the incident with an aim to earn undue importance on them, and consequently on herself.

And, this can be defined as Fad-ism.

Similarly, when a blast occurs it ensures at least next 7-days’ news bytes or clippings for media. Terrorists want FREE mileage and hype in media and media obediently obliges. Because, people at large are ever ready to pop in any and every blast news which promises steady growth in readership or viewership. That entails better revenues for media mostly through advertisements which are directly variable to readership or viwership.

And, this can be defined as Profit-ism.

Besides, terrorism has long been empowering the politicians and the leaders like Shivraj Patel, Amar Singh, Raj Thackeray, etc. who do enjoy their constant and continuous presence in limelight. Obviously, for nothing or doing only the silly things such as giving a broken-record statement about investigation after every blast, or accusing the moral of mortality of a cop in a shootout and then sending money to the cop’s bereaved family for getting it returned, or creating riots among common men on account of Renaissance, and the list goes on…

And, this can be defined as Power-ism.

In the same way, terrorism helps unemployed students of the technical colleges and institutes, which have mushroomed all over India to churn out engineers and techies like the tadpoles in every monsoon, find an employment at last at any of the terrorist outfits to use their technical acumen manufacturing bombs and other lethal weapons.

And this can be defined as Employment-ism.

Equally, terrorism comes productive and handy for the people who are in intelligence department. It provides occasions and events almost on a regular basis to those who are paid in heft for their so called grey matters to think how to nullify a terror attack and then rethink where they have gone wrong on their intelligence, once a blast is over.

And this can be defined as Grey-ism.

Also, the tinsel town and its movies are grossly influenced by terrorism. The recent being is Mumbai Meri Jaan that shows it all on celluloid. Accordingly, Brand owners or marketers can yield from terrorism. In case they are able to think of penetrating media space with their fitting and smart crisis communications, immediately after a blast.

For example: An ad with a punch line “Now switch to the coolest blast” of Carrier Aircon might be the order of the hour post-blast.

And this can be defined as Brand-ism.

As a matter of fact, almost all get to gain from many such isms as per one’s personal, professional or community needs, following terrorism.

And for that matter, in totality, this can be defined as Behind Every Ism there is Terrorism.