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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How India can still become a champion side in Test Cricket : A note

India lost yet another test match to England at Wankhede, Mumbai. Not sure, given the present condition of the Indian Cricket Team in Tests, whether this incident worth a news anymore?! If my bias and love for Cricket put aside, I seriously think it's better the least is talked about this Team. For a simple reason, a team is as good as the result in produces. A set of students is really good in studies (read net practice) but fails in almost every examination shouldn't deserve empathy, even sympathy, to cut the crap short. 

As happened always after a loss, every nook and corner of the country will produce an expert who will suggest something to the team and on the contrary the team will keep playing as it is in the name of professionalism and the spirit of the game to lose. 

Inevitably Sachin Tendulkar will be a subject of PJs on the social media and the commentators turned experts will call Dhoni's name for 48 hours, maximum, post every defeat to help different channels' GRP and TRP go higher. 

Life will go on, nothing will change for the better, BCCI will mint money from telecast rights and other sources and the IPL will rock the nation sending test cricket a step closer to its peril. 

However, if sincere and honest efforts were adopted, even this beleaguered squad could bounce back and turn into a champion side again in no real time. 

The corrective measures should begin from the top. 

It would be more than apt to ask Ducan Fletcher to quit immediately because if a coach can neither motivate a team to win or at least fight like anything before losing nor make strategies when chips are down, his role becomes nothing but like a guest artist's in a movie. And a guest artist hardly makes a movie hit, so, his role is as worthless as my role at NASA as an advertising professional. 

Mr. Fletcher should ideally be replaced by a core committee comprising Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble, where Sourav has to be designated as the chief coach. 

The present Indian team definitely lacks aggression and the crux of the problem is more of temperamental than technical, so Sourav's 'I care a damn, you bloody opponent' should be the key to success, currently, as well as on a long-term basis. Plus, Rahul's discipline and technique and Anil's fighting spirit got to be exploited to the best of effects and impacts. 

There's no need, absolutely no need, to retain Dhoni as the skipper for tests. Because he not only shows inefficiency in thinking during fielding but also seems to be clueless while batting. So for what he's in the test squad? Just because he's the captain of Chennai Super Kings?! 

Gautam Gambhir got to be selected to lead this team in tests for five series at least that will help him settle in as the skipper of the side. If his off form is an issue, I don't think Dhoni has been showing any such form either.

Sehwag as a captain or vice captain is a strict no-no. For, he lacks innovation on field and prefers to go with the flow and that is never going to help a test side while it's on the mat.

About Sachin, of course he is the best judge to decide when to quit the game. But still, he needs to perform. For a simple reason, his position No. 4 is equally important as the position No. 3. 

If motivation is a problem for him, as all milestones of the game he has touched already, then it's certainly the time for him to think whether he should continue. More so, as his last test century came in January 2011. And it's quite evident that his problem is not so technical but motivational, which is obvious for anyone when the person has achieved everything in his illustrious career spanning over 22 years and has nothing to prove for that matter. 

Regarding spinners, you can't expect them to come and start bowling their magical spells immediately, using fights and loops, while all through the year they actually prepare themselves for the IPL and practise to bowl at a batsman's boot in order to concede lesser runs in 4 overs. Whoever has played even school cricket will understand that it's NOT at all easy to give the ball any air unless it's practiced really hard, in fact relentlessly in the nets and matches. It takes a lot of skills which cannot be honed overnight or kept alive minus religious practice and experiment. 

And in the midst of IPL culture it's impossible to nourish a proper spinner unless he's at least half resolute as Anil. 

In the pace department, I don't know whom to pick up and whom not to. As whoever is picked up will either under perform or will get injured in a practice session. 

Honestly, I always find it quite bizarre how come one get injured in a practice session while there are so many modern facilities nowadays to practice with! 

Except Umesh Yadav and Ashok Dinda none has the pace either to beat a test level batsman, while it's still Zaheer Khan only who could spearhead the attack. 

Others like Vinay Kumar, Praveen Kumar are good for first-class standard; Sreesanth is good on a dancing floor while Ishant Sharma can book a privileged bed in any reputed hospital under injury quota. And where's Varun Aaron, well, I've no clue!

The team has to be rebuilt and that too keeping in mind NO Sachin for long. So the composition should ideally be - 

1. Gambhir (C), 2. Sehwag / Rahane, 3. Pujara, 4. Kohli (VC), 5. Tendulkar / Tiwary, 6. Yuvraj Singh, 7. Saha (W), 8. Ashwin, 9. Ojha / Harbhajan, 9. Zaheer, 10. Dinda, 11. Umesh Yadav, 12. Irfan Pathan / Varun Aaron. 

Yes, as a wicket-keeper, Wriddhiman Saha deserves more chances than he's got so far comparing to the amount look-ins both Parthiv Patel and Dinesh Karthik have enjoyed. 

If this squad is nourished properly under Sourav, Rahul and Anil, India has some hopes to do well in tests, otherwise nothing is going to happen on despite winning a series or two against teams like Bangladesh, New Zealand at home.  

And there got to be a penalty system as well applicable to every player, senior or junior, that if he's injured during a practice session due to his negligence then he has to pay for that. 

In short this Indian team has no resolve at present, so that needs to be brought back in the dressing room ASAP. And once it's done, rest will happen rather automatically.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Indian Classical Music, the real source of Leadership : A practical analysis

Disclaimer: This article of mine might offend, semi-offend and quarter-offend you. If it does, please accuse and abuse me. Openly and vehemently. Based on which Arnab might invite you to his show on Times NOW. Your 'gaalis' should ideally be either in English or in Hindi or in Bengali. Other languages I don't understand, so my apology in advance! And one thing, please note, if, as a social media don, you wish to call me 'son of a bitch', kindly write 'bitch' as 'bitch', not 'beach'. Okay? Because if you take it on me, I need to feel bad, not laugh at you. But in any case, for a change at least, if you like my lines, please don't like them only. Instead, try to love and support the cause, practically in real life, for which I'm bleeding from my heart.

"The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people. But because of the silence of good people." Napoleon Bonaparte had quoted this.  

The said quote was not only relevant earlier but also relevant today. 

Giving an example: A few days back I went to an ATM counter. There I had to stand outside the counter for almost 15 minutes because a smart lady was inside. No, she was not withdrawing any money or depositing any cheque. She was simply enjoying the air conditioned comfort while reading her mini a/c statement. Attentively. As if a new history of mankind was written on that small piece of paper. (See the pic. Click on it to enlarge).

Of course, she was not a bad person who was committing any violence, while she was simply 'good' enough to 'silently' produce sufferings for me, as well as for other 6 odd people who were helplessly stranded in the queue.

Alternatively, as none of us was a bad person but good, so we also maintained our collective silence multiplying our woes by shrugging off shoulders and breathing out heavily like the hippopotamus deported to a desert. 

However, all was required to get rid of that suffering was just to tell the 'good' lady in a 'good' way that she had already taken 'good' enough time inside, so she was expected to let us - the other 'good' people - do our respective 'good' work. 

No violence or hard talk was needed but only some 'music to ears' words would have done the task. Because it's only 'music', an universal language, understood and appreciated by all. Even by animals. 

To prove this point, I've done an experiment on October 28th, 2012. 

On that day, a few monkeys, precisely hanumans, visited our place and were in a mood to make their trademark menace a great show from outside the window and the balcony.

Anticipating that, what I did was just played The Lonely Shepherd track of Gheroghe Zamfir on our music system and found the soothing effect of flutes - as he plays an expanded version of the Romanian-style pan flute of 20 pipes to 30 - actually captivated the leader of the monkey brigade and then all other members, gradually. 

Their menace came to a halt and they rather settled on the window grills to indulge in music, have some loafs and bananas and then eventually leave, merrily. (See the pic. Click on it to enlarge). 

This boils down to behaviour i.e. how we behave. 

One's behaviour actually varies from time to time; from person to person. If a claim is made that one behaves with everyone, exactly in the same way, every time, it's a lie. It's never possible. 

Because research has shown one's behaviour is very closely associated with his 'thinking process' and 'decision making ability'. But not so closely associated with DNA and other inherited traits notwithstanding the prevalent notion. 

On the other hand, you should take into consideration that one's 'thinking process' and 'decision making ability' as a whole depends on the balance of his 'left brain thinking' and his 'right brain thinking'. While the 'left brain' helps to think and decide 'analytically' the 'right brain' helps to think and decide 'perceptually'. 

Whose brain has a greater balance, possesses a better thinking process and decision making ability; thus can control and camouflage; manage and manipulate his behaviour according to a situation. (See the picture. Click on it to enlarge).

Though the thinking process and decision making ability depends on the balance of LB and RB but that gets developed and evolved by personality and character. 

These two are very crucial factors that can actually make or break one's life. 

Again to reiterate the fact that they are also quite distant from DNA - the sacrosanct, rigid and unchangeable factor present in one. 

This provides with an opportunity that, if proper training and methods are adopted, one's personality and character could be developed in a much better way irrespective of his DNA - bad or worse. 

One's personality and character together gets manifested by his leadership quality. 

This leadership quality helps one lead a meaningful life for self and for others without compromising on the finesse of life on the basis of morals, ethics and values. 

How to develop that leadership quality?

It can be developed through Indian Classical Music (ICM) from the grassroots level ideally across society. 

Four basic premises: 'Discipline', 'Devotion', 'Practice' and 'Perseverance' that help the construction of such a leadership quality are by default available in ICM. 

It's a simple pyramid structure by blocks that one can follow in ICM to obtain that coveted leadership. Which is imperative nowadays and a priceless disposition in order to counter and encounter the severe dearth of leadership worldwide... causing confusion, outrage, agitation and cacophony all around for nothing. (See the picture. Click on it to enlarge). 

The major problem gets created due to lack of leadership is, a tremendous decay in 'commonsense'. The incident that took place inside the ATM counter was nothing but a real life instance of such a 'commonsense lapse'. 

Nothing can help here but ICM which has been averring and augmenting the reality that 'Music is Life Knowledge' i.e. MiLK, since ancient ages. 

An essential and must component for one's growth - physical, mental, and overall.

The growth, what helps one build an attitude of a tree. Which is deep rooted i.e. humble and arrogant (not in negative sense) i.e. upright in the air. 

That kind of attitude always makes one acceptable to different SECs. And that too, minus any clash and crash of interest between or among the SECs. (See the picture. Click on it to enlarge). 

A certain standard automatically gets built by one with such an attitude. As a result, the overall standard of society tends to go up, providing more oxygen - in terms of care, compassion and concern - to lives. 

So, obviously, the sufferings of the world are likely to come down to a nadir almost, following a system that's neither based on violence nor based on silence, but Music. Precisely, PURE Indian Classical Music that unfurls Life's Knowledge which in the process motivates one lead from within, healthily and happily. And all for a future that's no mean to a Fairy Tale.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Paanch Adhyay Music Review - from an unbiased point of view

Am I singer? No. Am I a music director? No. Do I know sargam? No.

Then? Read on…

I used to sing in my college days and never came back home empty-handed from any inter-college competition. And to do so, I never had to manipulate any judge, though I was very keen to do that as a student of engineering who always studied at canteens and table-tennis rooms thus knew it better than anyone else how to pass exams with good marks. 

Anyway, that’s why I guess, I’m entitled to write Khullam-Khulla what I felt about the music of Pratim’s Paanch Adhyay.

I saw the trailer of the movie and it didn’t make me jump off the chair, frankly. At the same time, it didn’t make me helpless either, as because I couldn’t flee from the spot. Though the movie didn’t move me instantly but a sense of interest grew inside me, and I think, for that, the trailer did its part rather convincingly.

Now let me begin with the music director: Shantanu Moitra.

Needless to confirm, he’s one of the best in the world. No bias intended given our Bong connection, but after R D Burman, if there’s someone who can blend western music into eastern folk which can also be termed as ‘Indian Country’, it’s none other than Shantanu da.

Plus creating an infusion of music… using electronic sound along with acoustic sound, honestly, many people in the industry should actually learn that from him, while they don’t even bother to change the chord structure as part of their inspiration drawn from the western numbers.

What I’ve really liked about the music of Paanch Adhyay is, all the songs are based on a signature tune. It was a huge risk in fact to give into monotony, but it didn’t happen. Of course thanks to Shantanu da who knows how to fiddle with musical instruments to create a magic in sync!

The number ‘Ure Jaye – sung by Subha Mudgal in Bengali which again belted out by Swanand Kirkire in Hindi as ‘Uda Jaye’ – is a fantastic piece to indulge in again and again. A typical Kirtan feel of both the songs but with a non-typical Kirtan rendition has made them class apart which I reckon you won’t mind to hum, consciously and subconsciously, if not unconsciously, once the tune sets in on your mind. Lyrics are also very good of these numbers that have helped Mudgal and Kirkire alike to leave their marks behind as singers.

Not very sure of the numbers ‘You and Me’ – sung by ever-green Usha di (Usha Uthup) and ‘Phire Paowar Gaan’ – sung by Ashutosh Ganguly aka Ash King. It has somewhat felt, finally age is catching up with our beloved and respected Usha di, while neither the lyrics nor the music could also tick. And for the Ash Kings, I think it’s time to understand that pronouncing simple Bengali words with lots of tongue distortion or Herculean labour doesn’t elevate a song up to the genre of Pop. Since, Pop is a different thing altogether.

In the number ‘Baavri’, Shreya Ghoshal has proved once again why we should believe in the reality that she has everything in herself when it comes taking the musical legacy of Ashaji forward with an almost equal aplomb. Shreya's been just the best fit to this song which is too good a composition – both music and lyrics-wise.

‘Agontuk’ – the number sung by Shaan and Shreya hasn't really cut the mark. Despite being a huge admirer of Shaan, I would take the initiative to state it with conviction that days are rife of late for film and music directors to use the real talent in male voice instead of going by names.

I strongly and vehemently feel, Parthasarathi of the band Ekalabya would have sung it a million times better than Shaan had in that particular song. And I’m not saying this because Partha is a good friend of mine but I’m saying this because I knew it for a fact.

Last but not least, the number ‘Rahoon Tere Peechhe’ sung by Kaushiki Chakraborty is THE SONG OF THE MOVIE! I’m not getting into Kaushiki’s singing prowess, as I don’t qualify to do that. Not even in my wildest of dream. But, it’s indeed mesmerising the way she has expressed and exuded each and every word. Not to mention, the texture of her voice in that song that will surely give you many Goosebumps, if you bother to go deep into the lyrics and close your eyes to get lost in the tune.

Overall, Paanch Adhyay music is going to give us a good treat for our soul through the ears. As Pratim D. Gupta, being an intelligent guy, has understood… it’s always easy and wise to get into the audience heart in India, precisely in Bengal, through their ears.

So, all the best to Paanch Adhyay and its entire unit!

PS: You can hear all the tracks here:

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Get a home. Not just heights. : Realty communication case study.

India is a different and a very difficult country. Because of its population – ever increasing.

In an Indian society, Maslow's hierarchy of needs gets applied rather with a bottoms-up approach – where morality, spirituality, etc. are trained to people first than providing them with the basics like food, water, etc.

As a result, people in this nation in general, who have the power to think, talk, and act, are more concerned about iPads or iPhones than things like malnutrition, employment, etc.

For the reason obvious, this reflects on and in almost everyone's attitude whoever wants to define or redefine success. And that too, irrespective of his socio-economic condition.

Here success means not an overall growth, but an individual rise in order to gain a height in lifestyle.

To complement this lifestyle, house plays a pivotal role. And not just a house that could be termed as home, but an own house that will ensure one gets the height in social status.

It's inconsequential whether such status matters at all or not, but it's imperative to have that, at least to support the realty business in the name of infrastructural development and GDP growth.

More so, as the greater the populace the greater the need for a house. Ideally an own house.

But again, if everyone starts to get an own house, it's a problem. Because then the rental or lease business of houses will take a beating. Thus, the realty business is evolved in such a way, so that a section of people - called HIG - can have a number of houses; a section - called MIG - can have more than one house; and a section - called LIG - can somehow have one house or no house.

Owing to this, it's seen, in fact close-group research has revealed, for the HIG, a house is more of a signature statement; for the MIG, a house is an asset; and for the LIG, a house is a peaceful and most secure shelter, a lifeline, a home in true sense.

It's only the LIG, who actually feels being at home while being at home i.e. at an own house.

However, an insight shows, based on a social report, the LIG somewhat feels awkward or even gets ashamed sometimes - given the height of their house, which connotes the social status or success. That leads them often to think and do something unrealistic bringing more woes to their agony to build properties.

On the basis of that, when a cooperative society gets in touch with me, which is planning to develop a township away from the city of joy - Kolkata, I tried to do something simple. Yet realistic, addressing the core problem, so as to give the LIG not just a house but also a home which is grounded on reality and more than a piece of realty.

I prepared a poster – (the idea layout is shown in the attached pic) – and ask them to start the campaign with this. Displaying it at national banks, post-offices, railway stations, train compartments, fish and vegetable markets, bus-stands, tea-stalls, public toilets, and on autos and rickshaws. Of course at strategic locations where the posters will be visible more than getting torn.

Thereafter, a press campaign in Bengali newspapers, and a TVC for Bengali channels might be crafted.

Though I've shared the idea in English, but the communication will take place in Bengali mostly.

The client has liked the concept and my payment has been made too. ;)

Now let's see, how far they can extend their liking, riding on this idea, employing their own agency.

Finally, your honest and analytical feedback (read criticism) on the idea is most welcome!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Advertising is not a profession. It's HAPPINESS!

1996. The scorching sun was ruthless while sending heat waves to toast lives. Especially to roast someone who had completed his engineering but didn’t accept any job from the campus interview because he wanted to be a copy writer.

The guy had no knowledge in advertising. All he could afford to speak in English were Yes, No, Thanks. His writing was worse than pathetic, and most importantly he also knew it for a fact.

His mom was in her deathbed, suffering from cancer. His dad got retired six years back. And he was not on talking terms with his beloved elder bro who was dead against advertising. He had no friend. No philosopher. No guide.

Money was more than precious to him. In fact, more precious than his life.

One day, he saw a classified ad in the newspaper that a small, almost unknown ad agency was looking for a copy writer. And it was holding a walk-in for that.

His eyes popped out. As if a wolf found the address of a poultry. Excitement compounded with nervousness - exactly what he felt, immediately.

The agency was at Chandni Chowk – a far away place from his place at Santoshpur. Never mind, as Robert Frost had already written ‘Miles to go before I sleep’. And since there was no sleep even at night, so miles could definitely be travelled. Well, rather smilingly!

But only Rs. 10/- was in the wallet! No worries, since Robert Frost had already told what got to be done before a sleep.

The address was there in the ad but no direction. Hence at least a phone was needed to be made from the neighbourhood PCO. Meant turning Rs 10/- into Rs. 8/- was inevitable.

The receptionist took more time than expected to complete her sentences. Resulting, Rs. 6/- only in the wallet was ready to decide world’s best copy writer in making’s fate.

3.00 PM was the scheduled time for the interview. It was already 10.30 AM when he finished the call.

A rough calculation was made by him soon, and he realised if he would start walking around 12.00 o’clock – after all it was a walk-in, you see – he could reach in time.

He reached the agency by 2.45, somehow saving his shirt from being recognised as a snot rag serving a sneezing Yeti, clenching his handmade mock work-portfolio in a bag as tightly as possible to his chest.

The interview had begun and ended, and he understood he was rejected.

What next? ‘Miles to go (in the reverse direction) before I sleep’.

It might have been okay, had the sun read Robert Frost too. But, as it didn’t, it was making even ‘an inch to go’ impossible for the rejected (and dejected) copy writer.

Anyway, Chandni Chowk is close to Lalbazar, hence, there was every possibility that he would be picked up off the pavement if seen sitting there thanks to his good-look and handsomeness.

So no choice but going… miles again.

The dehydration was getting him undone sooner, and the wallet was carrying only Rs. 2/- then, as he dared to eat out four biscuits at Rs. 4/- on his way back.

Up to Camac Street, Robert Frost was a good company, motivation, and inspiration until Stephen Hawing appeared suddenly to offer him some rest in a black hole in front of Shantineketan Building.

Bar, as you know, nobody loves to see anyone’s taking rest, a tea vendor got perturbed unlike other gentlemen out there. So he sprinkled water on an unconscious face and wiped the blood stench off a bleeding nose and a pair of badly hurt lips.

(Dropping yourself with a thud on road on your face is not a good idea – take a note of it).

Anyway, not only did the vendor sprinkle water but also offered a glass of milk with sugar. And that too, knowing fully well that he won’t be paid for anything. In addition, the vendor also shelled out Rs. 10/- to help the destiny’s child reach home safely. For a change, by a bus.


His mom passed away. He got his first job. With a remarkable salary of Rs 300/- per month. Giving a tough competition to the office bearer who used to draw Rs. 500/-.

He got his first month’s salary. Bought sweets of Rs. 50/- and went to Camac Street. Met that tea-vendor after 2 months, hugged him and handed over the box of sweets.

Both made an instant connection and started to talk for over an hour. Their discussion ranged from an elite God to the pinned Hawai chappals.

Later on, perhaps this insight helped the two lines: Elite mane Solid and Shahor Theke Gayen, Holir Rongey Rongin Sobai Elite Hawai Paye – coined by the copy writer for Elite Hawais to get his footholds in the market.

First in Kolkata, and gradually across India and beyond the national boundary.

Just the reason, that copy writer has never left his love: advertising, has never left pavements, and has never denounced the good effects of gratitude to be a man of struggles beyond mere bank balance, frivolous designation and so-called success.

And for everything, he’s VERY HAPPY, now!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Know, how to let advertising and communications save a life.

A boy used to come to me often to know the nitty-gritty of advertising while he was doing his stint with a small agency at Kolkata as a copy writer.

He was a chain smoker, and would find it really difficult to negotiate things with me as smoking was never allowed at my place.

His intention always happened to be to convince me that without smoking ideas wouldn’t click as against my belief that an idea doesn’t need any dopes from outside but only inner substance i.e. commonsense based on observation, absorption and application.

Later on he shifted to Mumbai, and very recently I came to know that he’s been suffering from lung cancer at a last stage. The medical report suggested that his ‘great habit of smoking to think big’ was the root cause of his present situation.

I felt bad, but never for a second turned sympathetic towards him, as whoever prefers to commit suicide for no apparent reason as such, I love to see that person dead.

In fact, the early it happens the best it is.

Nonetheless, this incident pushed me to do something, at least to convey a message to teenagers who also delve into the notion, may be, that smoking helps ideation and creativity.

Which is why, I compromised on a good night’s sleep and created this ambient piece of communications – (as showing in the photograph below) – with a hope to save minimum one life from going astray to be ended within an ashtray, eventually, prematurely.

I sincerely wish if HT City or Mumbai Times, or MTV, or Reebok, or Airtel, or Pepsi, or any other Brand that appeals to the Youth could use this humble creation of mine, or anything else in line with that, to help young guns understand what is what, as part of its CSR programs beyond balance sheets for a change.

And don’t worry, for that, no Brand has to pay me anything, because to me the life of a teenager is much more important than earning a few quick bucks, or winning an award.

Just the reason, I’m appealing to each one of you, unless it’s impossible, please try to create an environment where everyone can live long, happily, healthily, and peacefully, and to do that, exploit your power of ad and communications to the maximum.

This world needs you to think, talk, open up, and speak out more and more than just sulk, crib, brood, complain, nag, or maintain a dignified silence for some selfish bliss.

I beg, it’s one life, so let’s live as long as possible, together.

Life needs advertising and communications; hence let’s add life to that. Let’s JUST DO IT.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Spain bulldozed Italy, 4-0. The Blue turned Pink by the Red in Euro 2012 final.

When too many good things happened at a time, life comes to an instant halt leaving one perplexed. Exactly the same feeling occurred to me now, as I’m truly undecided on whether to express my ecstasy because my favourite team Spain won Euro 2012 or to break into tears because the magic of soccer ended in 90 minutes flat.

I was a kid then, so it’s not possible for me to describe at present how Holland used to play under Johan Cruyff’s leadership, but I’m sanguine this Spain team is no way inferior to that Orange squad, if ‘total football’ is still the prime concern besides individual brilliance.

Frankly, to identify one or two golden moments as presented by the Red Bulls in the Euro 2012 final was not only tough but also next to impossible.

From strategy to team composition to execution, the Spaniards were matchless against the Italians.

In order to blunt Italy’s 4-1-3-2, the way Spain moved the ball forward from the word go was beyond any adjective. Changing the 4-3-3 formation to 2-3-5 as well as 2-2-2-4 to attack and then again changing that to 4-4-2 and 4-5-1 to defend couldn’t have been any better than what Spain illustrated… as if 10 painters were creating a montage on the field with a football.

No praise is sufficient for Arbeloa and Alba, given the game they played by using the right flank and the left flank, respectively. Plus, the run and finish that Alba produced to score the second goal off Xavi’s velvet through pass, I guess, will take many a year to be forgotten. The sense of timing of that particular move has perhaps been more precise than any clock in the world. Actually, it was the turning point of the match.

In addition, the quadrangles Xavi, Iniesta, Silva and Fabregas kept forming and firming up, constantly, on the edge of the Italian box were too much to handle, especially when Chiellini had to leave the field owing to an early injury.

The score line could have been 5-0, had Spain not been deprived of a clear penalty while Bonucci conceded a hand-ball in the box during second half.

However, it would be unfair to write off Italy. In fact, a few crackers from them were really threatening. But, as the Red Bulls had Casillas under the crosspiece, for the reason obvious, the Blue Brigade couldn’t score. Practically, as long as Casillas will keep playing for Spain, all other teams have to play against 12 men with their 11 a side. And, Motta’s sudden hamstring pull didn’t help Italy’s cause either.

Ultimately, it’s a great delight and pleasure to see Spain triumphs! And a befitting reply to those who kept on arguing and making noise (for nothing) that Spain became weaker and would be needing luck and blah, blah and blah… because of David Villa’s absence.

Football is a team game, where only THE 3S: ‘Strategy, Stamina and Skill’ matters, and it’s different from a game of Ludo, or the photo-sharing on facebook for that matter.

Cheers! :D

Friday, June 8, 2012

Anything CAN happen at Cannes!

Couldn’t really understand, IDEA-wise what was the difference between Leo Burnett’s entries to Cannes 2012 in the ‘Print and Poster category’ and the ‘Photography’ category… where the agency submitted the ‘Reclaim your space’ series and the ‘Fragrance’ series of creative for Bajaj Exhaust and Tide, respectively.

Interesting, as they are still rooting for (or should I say hooting) for Lions in those two categories!

However, their Radio Spot for Saathi in the ‘Radio’ category is great! But will the judges understand the language and the pain expressed through a typical Mumbaikar’s dialect? A Big question mark.

My money is on their ‘Doorstep School’ campaign that promoted adult literacy. This entry in the ‘Promo and Activation’ category is really based on a SIMPLE and SOLID insight and the creative execution was also too good in line with reality, relevance and refreshment.

Now to talk about Grey...

The agency may jolly well think they have produced a superlative film: ‘Riot’… for Killer Jeans on ‘Water Saving’ proposition, whereas the reality is no, they haven’t. It was not only forced but also convoluted, thanks to the ‘Green Fold’ proposition for an audience who perhaps hadn’t read Ashwini’s report on the site

So, a metal in the 'Film Lions and Film Craft Lions' categories or in the 'Titanium and Integrated Lions' would be a shocker! To me at least.

Rather their ‘Proof in the pocket’ campaign holds more brownie points, which was done for ‘Truly Worn’ Collection of Killer faded jeans. And it might help them win a metal in the ‘Promo and Activation’ category.

Grey’s print campaign for Fujifilm India… exploiting ‘two face-detection indicators’ might look wow from an innovation point of view but from an average consumer viewpoint, how does it matter, I wonder!

Hence, the chance for a metal in the ‘Press Lions’ category is also quite remote.

That being said, it won’t be foolish to exclaim though; who knows, after all when it’s CANnes, anything CAN HAPPEN!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

EDM marketing of to leverage its new television commercial might not work.

India’s one of the leading matrimonial portals (a venture) is sending EDM (electronic direct mailer) to people.

The portal wants online traffic to watch its latest television commercial (TVC) and give feedback.

It was a nice ploy so as to check the audience response and capture their contact details (i.e. email ids) for future communications.

However, at the same time, given the way Jeevansathi executed it, the possibility is ‘a good effort wasted’.

Why wasted?

Because why people should click on the provided link-button and watch the TVC online was neither clear nor compelling in the communication.

No benefit or incentive was offered up-front to the TA (target audience) giving them enough reasons to react, positively.

May be a million people or more have already watched the said commercial, but how does it matter to you or me was the question that remained unanswered!

Also, why one should write back to the provided email id to give feedback wasn’t comprehensive or substantiated with any promise of rewards or brownie-points.

So, net-net, the EDM could not lift itself up to any level whatsoever but came across as just yet another junk email.

Worldwide, when all are going helter-skelter and predicting the end of #email marketing, precisely through EDMs, this kind of stuff actually reasons and rationalizes this that those cries are true.

Direct Marketing seems to be very easy – in fact it is – if, and only if, the basics are kept on mind in order to offer nothing but Benefits, Benefits, Benefits to the TA via every piece of communications, almost incessantly.

That’s all. And that’s it.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Youth of India and their awakening through Social Networking

Social Networking in India is a happening thing. The best part of it is, one can abuse and assault other(s) on a Social Media like anything. Personal attacks or derogatory comments on anyone, anything are one of the keys to success of Social Networking.

In this context, I tried to do an experiment.

First: I created a snap equating a Monkey with Kalki – the known Bollywood Star – which was nothing but a sheer insult on someone’s look. I shared the snap in a forum on Facebook called ROFLIndia.

And, as expected, the snap’s been Liked by people, precisely the Youth; since, my cheap intention came across as Humour to them!
Then: I just turned the Map of India upside down and posted in the same forum, and the same set of people who had earlier Liked my personal abuse on Kalki found me ‘asshole’, ‘idiot’ and ‘son of a beach’.
Thank god, not of a ‘bitch’ at least! ;)
Because to the Youth of India, fiddling with the Map or Flag of India is an Insult to the mother nation but fingering into someone or something for nothing is not; it’s rather an entertainment and FREE FUN!
And the funniest part is, if one says something abusive to malign anyone (but to no avail though) others jump into the bandwagon to harass the target / victim just like the jackals that bark in unison. Without even realizing why they are making noise!
Not surprising, India predicts and drools over GDP Growth today, while the nation’s 42% children still suffer from malnutrition and Anna Hazare calls himself the second Mahatma Gandhi to lead the Youth to a corruption free country tomorrow.
Cheers! :D