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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

EDM marketing of to leverage its new television commercial might not work.

India’s one of the leading matrimonial portals (a venture) is sending EDM (electronic direct mailer) to people.

The portal wants online traffic to watch its latest television commercial (TVC) and give feedback.

It was a nice ploy so as to check the audience response and capture their contact details (i.e. email ids) for future communications.

However, at the same time, given the way Jeevansathi executed it, the possibility is ‘a good effort wasted’.

Why wasted?

Because why people should click on the provided link-button and watch the TVC online was neither clear nor compelling in the communication.

No benefit or incentive was offered up-front to the TA (target audience) giving them enough reasons to react, positively.

May be a million people or more have already watched the said commercial, but how does it matter to you or me was the question that remained unanswered!

Also, why one should write back to the provided email id to give feedback wasn’t comprehensive or substantiated with any promise of rewards or brownie-points.

So, net-net, the EDM could not lift itself up to any level whatsoever but came across as just yet another junk email.

Worldwide, when all are going helter-skelter and predicting the end of #email marketing, precisely through EDMs, this kind of stuff actually reasons and rationalizes this that those cries are true.

Direct Marketing seems to be very easy – in fact it is – if, and only if, the basics are kept on mind in order to offer nothing but Benefits, Benefits, Benefits to the TA via every piece of communications, almost incessantly.

That’s all. And that’s it.

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