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Monday, October 7, 2013

Yes! I'm biased toward Kaushiki Chakraborty. Do you know why?

An informal adda. I was sitting with a Brand Manager of a well-known company and an editor of a newspaper's entertainment page. During our free-whirling and candid conversation, I said, "Shreya is today's Ashaji, while Kaushiki is today's Lataji though no such comparison should be made between people from two different eras." 

Listening to that, both the guys expressed their dissent - especially they are not willing to accept Kaushiki's supremacy. Not only that but also they started to mock me and accused me - though jokingly - of being biased toward Kaushiki

Okay, I don't mind being biased toward Kaushiki; like I have always been biased toward Sourav, Leander, Sunil Gavaskar, Maradona, Kishore Kumar, Satyajit Ray and Charlie Chaplin. 

For a simple reason; each one of them had and has the leadership quality that's hardly been restricted to their own achievements and glories but also inspired many, many others to rebel, be able, and find their own vistas and ways. 

Plus, each of them had and has the capacity to relate to a child and an aged person with an equal penchant. And this is something, not everyone had or has, or can develop just like that by magic. 

In my humble opinion - which anyone can consider as my proclamation or dogmatism though - Kaushiki certainly has that leadership quality that, if exploited properly, can do a world of good across society in India and beyond the national boundary, musically.

Here is my argument to explain why I so strongly feel and believe Kaushiki Chakraborty can help the world change for the better. 

I begin and end with each letter of the word: LEADERSHIP. 

L for Liberation... I frankly don't know what liberation is all about; textbook definition-wise. But - if it's my certitude - let it be, I know it for sure liberation is the balance between liberty in thinking and liberalisation in doing that is very much, in fact profoundly, present in Kaushiki. Which is why, in order to augur or express women's liberation, she never has to overdo anything in the form wardrobe shrinkage on stage or in public appearance, or does hardly get confused with misandry for feminism. Her human essence is far, far greater than just woman eccentricities. In short, she has a thinking head above her shoulders, not over for that matter. No wonder her singing and musical prowess is based on sheer intelligence and purpose but not haywire or a gimmick. 

E for Empathy... I don't think Kaushiki loves the words 'sympathy' and 'apathy'. Instead, her music, as well as her communication signify 'empathy'. Without qualms, the laterlisation of her mind - connection between the left-brain and the right-brain - is of higher standard that helps Kaushiki rather naturally to create cognitive, physical and spiritual empathy with anyone with ease and elan where she remains always approachable but revered - maintaining certain distance from everyone. Means, she's noway overly sentimental but absolutely empathetic and goal oriented. Of course, it's a terrific quality. 

A for Aspiration... I think Kaushiki is not just ambitious. Rather, she has more aspiration than ambition in her. Ambition is a bit selfish, where aspiration is infectious. It's not just objective but subjective as well - a perfect balance between practicality and philosophy: A must thing to succeed and grow as an individual, and as a team. Aspiration is the fulcrum between ambition and inspiration and, no doubt, Kaushiki sits pretty on that fulcrum to enjoy the seesaw of life without being too perturbed. She means business and knows what she is up to.

D for Dream... Without dreaming, it's impossible to do anything, creatively. And what Kaushiki does is not a mundane routine work. Singing, precisely the genre she belongs to, demands higher degrees of creativity. Nonstop. Apparently, it may look all technique and practice, but I don't think so. Unless there is creative juice percolates into one's system, it's simply not possible for one to keep loving her job and performing - often beyond excellence, and that too live. Where there is no question of a retake. Such creativity can only take place if, and only if, there is a dream to do different. In her performance, Kaushiki makes a difference, every time, hence, she and her dreams definitely complement each other. 

E for Energy... Kaushiki invigorates. Yes! She does. On stage, as well as off stage. Her singing is so enchanting and engrossing that it gradually energises one with a sublime touch. It's like a pearl on velvet... an exquisite wine... a smooth surrender to self, emotionally. 

R for Rebellion... Mere submission is just not on the cards for the likes of Kaushiki. If so, she would have never reached where she is at present. Just by adhering to rules and regulation and grammar... none can achieve the feat what Kaushiki had and has already. I've heard from many in media and music fraternity that Kaushiki is bookish. Frankly, to me, that's a baseless judgement, if not an allegation, absolutely rubbish. Had she been only textbook type, she would have never been able to apply herself in several roles with so much of authority, conviction and spontaneity. I am curious to know when was the last time an artiste - who is known worldwide for her classical singing - broke into a jig on stage in a reality show on camera? If this is not rebellious but bookish, well, my continuous yawns then for the armchair critic. 

S for Sacrifice... Obviously, Kaushiki had to and has to sacrifice a lot since childhood to make her mark. Being the daughter of none other than Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty, if she had enjoyed certain privileges, on the contrary, she sure had to bear double responsibility of performing, impeccably, from her tender age. That was no joke. And still it is not. Because, as a performer of her calibre, she simply can't afford to relax; means her sacrifice in life actually has no end. 

H for Humour... Like all the people I mentioned of to exclaim my bias toward, Kaushiki too has a tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. Which is dry but full of wit. On the surface, she might project herself as a very serious and no nonsense person, but is she? Well, I have my doubts. Her cheekiness is well camouflaged, which, given an opportunity, comes out at full throttle for sure.

I for Integrity... To me, integrity is the mixture of personality, honesty, principles, values, ethics and etiquette. Now, I guess, even the worst of enemies of Kaushiki can't afford to say that her personality is intimidating or weird; she is dishonest; she doesn't have principles, values and ethics; and she doesn't show etiquette. As a matter of fact, Kaushiki epitomises integrity. I am not getting into any unnecessary debate on how true it is. If it was false, there should have been a proof of it. But so far, there is nothing. So, there is no realistic reason to suspect Kaushiki's integrity. 

P for Perseverance... Where talent stops, perseverance begins. It's the one and only factor that sets a champion apart from the pack. Not necessary the champion has to be recognised by all. But what really matters is how a person looks up to self everyday to grow a notch up than what she was on the previous day. Motivating self is practically more than a Herculean task, and it needs tremendous amount of perseverance which is nothing but agonising and painful as well. The sustenance and sustainability of Kaushiki, amidst so much of competition (including setbacks and upsets), speaks volumes for her ability to persevere. 

Given all these, it goes without saying... Kaushiki can lead and literally prime move a social revolution through music... helping society - especially the youth develop and evolve into better citizens for an overall growth of ecology and economy. 

In fact, if she comes forward... getting into a leadership role, Indian Classical Music and Indian Music per se could be used to enrich lives like anything. When children, students, corporate employees, professionals, women, and people at large will benefit, immensely, from the 'Power of Music'. 

Once it's done, the socio-economic landscape will start changing... heralding a brighter future where wealth-inequality will start to reduce gradually. The demon of capitalism and consumerism will die, and peace will prevail all around. And this peace movement can go beyond India and engulf the entire world with love, compassion, respect, sanity and humanity. That are totally missing nowadays in the cauldron of deprivation, suffocation, deceit, corruption, rage and outrage. 

After all, the Gulab Gang is possible, if Kaushiki Chakraborty dons a new hat and gets out of her comfort zone, to make earth the paradise of roses... indeed.