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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How PMG can develop India's sports economy for youth leadership

In one of his recent interviews (published on the website of Wisden India on April 28, 2014... bearing the headline: Gavaskar proposes more open BCCI), Mr. Sunil Manohar Gavaskar said to Mr. Shamya Dasgupta, Senior Editor, Wisden India that he wanted BCCI to be more open where everyone could speak freely and fearlessly and thus be involved in the decision making process. Plus, Sunny also wanted the four major stakeholders (fans, players, administrators and sponsors) of the game to work together and BCCI to have a proper PR person cum authorised spokesperson for better public and media relations.

For that, on July 10, 2014, I sent an email to Sunny, firstly to wish him a 'very happy birthday' and secondly to ask him whether he was game to accept a presentation from me, which would give him a comprehensive idea on how his company PMG (Professional Management Group) can take sports management & marketing to a different level, helping education, employment and economy through sports - exploiting cricket, predominantly. 

On July 14, 2014, from England, he himself responded to my mail and gave me the go ahead. 

So I made the presentation and emailed to him on July 26, 2014, in which I proposed a system that, if built and made to work under the canopy of PMG (in association with BCCI, ideally), might help the youth of India grow and develop, differently, and in a much better way in fact, emancipating themselves and, in the process, others, on the basis of a sporting culture that has been either missing or amiss across the nation. And, to a great extent, among the Indian diaspora as well.

In short, I wanted to present the big picture of the sports economy rather clearly to Mr. Gavaskar for the development and evolution of youth leadership complementing the Government of India's plan.

Here is what I presented: