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Saturday, June 22, 2013

ABCDE, 5 points, how Indian advertising can get over Cannes Lions 2013 WHITEWASH

#Cannes 2013:

No #Film Shortlists for India. Of the 3125 Film entries received this year, 285 have been shortlisted. These don't include any Indian entries. 

NOTE: In India, the calibre of a #creative guy is always measured by his #TVC churning ability. 

Now, 5 Indian entries make it to the Film #Craft shortlist. 

What is this 'Film Craft' all about? 

Drooling over mere #execution minus any #idea.

But, both clients and agencies know advertising is about BIG IDEA first and then the creative execution.

#Advertising is no DTP #Business. That its growth can be measured by Billing Amount.

It's a #creative business to ensure a #brand sails through despite all adversities in a market or in different markets.

So, the role of an advertising agency is not anymore the role of an agency.

Today, an agency has to deliver like a business partner, getting itself involved in the#marketing process from the word go, bearing more responsibilities to justify its scale of service and solutions and its fee.

Otherwise, clients DO NOT need any BIG agency #network for that matter.

Also, #InternalCommunication and #Training are a must, because without that a brand is going to lose its face and loose its belt to consumer and to customer, thereby sending the #CRM process for a toss - despite gathering the world of data and investing on the latest business analytics, software and tools.

In this regard, funny #demography works no more. Time to implement #psychography - for employees first and then for customers.

And on the rewards and awards front, the need of the hour is to plan for a different system altogether. Which should keep the following points on mind, rather engrave in mind:

A) To reward through awards only consumer / customer effectiveness - without that advertising is either art or poetry; sorry, neither of them helps selling or sales

B) To organize a Bigger Award show than Cannes in India to set an 'indigenous global standard' than trying to ape others doing the monkey business which is not advertising, anyway

C) To value ideas first then execution in a creative - one needs eggs or chickens first to make omelettes or chicken curries

D) To evaluate a creative person based on his depth and understanding of advertising, not by how many TVCs he has in his portfolio or how many times has run on the beach in Goa or Cannes

E) To make passionate ad people in-house alongside making good ads. Who are not passionate should be sacked on an immediate basis, because their EMI hunger is not helping the business

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My friend who sold his music system : A true story about happiness and leadership

They say, "Wise men think alike."

Well, do they? I doubt.

But I'm sure 'Happy Men' think alike, because they are successful in and on their own terms, so remain ever happy even when chips are down.

Circumstances and situations don't really bother them, as they know how to create Happiness out of nothing, or, for that matter, out of anything, everything. 

I know one such guy who has been staying abroad for long, exposed to global culture for many years, but still is 100% Indian at heart, who loves his origin and cares for people... known, unknown, inconsequential.

As I confirmed, he loves his origin, so he has decided to come back to India to serve his motherland.

And in this crime, he has me with him because he understands my HQ - Happiness Quotient - so do I understand his.

Easier thought and said than done. Since wrapping things up just like that from an international market is not a child's play, as life in reality is not governed by Bollywood.

Disposal of things takes time, and the mental shift also takes its toll.

Nevertheless, he began the relocation process with his favourite music system, so as to get rid of some emotional baggage which he cannot carry all the way to India.  

So, he gave an ad in newspapers and kept the selling price of the item at Rs. 6,375/- in Indian currency.

A pair, seeing each other, saw that ad and turned up. They have been working at a small restaurant. The guy loves music and the girl loves the guy. The girl saved some money which was around Rs. 4,250/- while the guy had around Rs. 1,700/-. And if they paid for the music system, they would need to go back home by walking, which was impossible given the distance they came from.

Hence, my friend did a simple job. He took only Rs. 4,250/-, gifted them with a big carry bag to help them carry the MS, and then drove them, personally, to the station from where they could catch up a train back home, Happily!

Though he could afford to give away the system for free, but he didn't. For, he didn't want to spoil their joy of purchase with his act of donation. So, he rather restrained his emotion and didn't go overboard to show his greatness, as, to him, for obvious reason, his benevolence was not that important in comparison with two humble persons' glory of pride and possession.

While, the buying experience was a success to them… evoking Happiness, it would have been absolutely ridiculous and, of course, very cruel to hurt their sentiments had my friend tried to turn a demigod of freebies.

Thankfully, he didn’t do anything silly; instead, kept his calm and accepted the money whatever amount the said couple was able to pay to him.
Actually, he could manage to do so, because his mind was in the right channel all through the negotiation process that helped him think, perfectly, thanks to those human values he developed and evolved in him, besides his inherent ones, through proper Training.

And ever since that Training made him an always Happy person, he has been able to understand and empathise others rather easily and naturally with an infallible precision.

The good effect of Congruence is very much evident in him.

This, more often than not, helps him lead himself, as well as others, on the path of Happiness that eventually helps his Interpersonal Relationships to a large extent. Consequently, drop in Motivation on his part is hardly experienced and, as a result, others also tend to feel quite motivated in his company all the time.

It proves ‘Motivation by Happiness’ is pretty infectious and effective.

So, what might happen next is, that couple could also feel good about themselves and, in the process, about life. Therefore they might indulge in Happiness as well and then try to spread their Positive Vibes all around. And if they do so, their performance at work got to get better, as Happy Employees are More Productive, and it's a proven fact.

Just in case you mind to know what transformed my friend into a leader, please note that the values of QESEQ International not only helped him, and still does and will do, but also can help employees and the top management, at different organisations across verticals, train their minds to be and remain Happy through Congruence for an increased Productivity and overall growth.

After all, QESEQ – the provider of ‘Quality Enhancement Solutions with Evolutionary Quotient’ – never forgets its Brand promise: talent nourished, growth delivered. And thereby makes sure that people understand talent is no magic or miracle, no inherent quality either. But, it's something that could be honed to inculcate in one’s character, as a driving force, with a crystal clear understanding to help him or her look for only solutions in every problematic situation being driven by Happiness!

Now would you mind to be happy? If not, feel free to dial +919051056566 or simply email at, TODAY!         

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Only Philosophy based Training by Congruence can increase Productivity.

The empirical knowledge or practicality, which is as blunt as digital sharpness, will argue that everything comes at a price.

Yes, it IS. If seen and understood apparently at a sensory level.

But, if commonsense is used, it will be realised, a certain component of everything comes at a price whereas the core of everything comes for FREE because the core itself is FREE.

(More so, as we belong to nothing and none and nothing and none belong to us).

For instance: Of course, money i.e. price is needed to purchase a certificate but the education vis-a-vis knowledge - supposedly certified with a piece of paper - comes for FREE. Because it IS FREE in true sense. For, you cannot see knowledge, you cannot hear knowledge, you cannot taste knowledge, you cannot smell knowledge and you cannot touch knowledge. 

So all your five senses cannot sense knowledge. But still you think, after knowing something, or having a degree or a diploma in hand that you've become knowledgeable.

Hence, this thought is a hypothesis, precisely (your) FAITH - which you cannot justify with any science, technology, facts and figures.

Thus, it is for FREE and it is FREE.

This IS Philosophy - which is also for FREE and is FREE.

Bottom-line: Practicality is a socially acceptable form of idiocy.

However, one can definitely get rid of this idiocy, if he is willing to develop and evolve his thinking on the basis of Philosophy which is nothing but commonsense that helps one understand what is success and what is happiness in a much better way. 

This understanding gradually helps one's productivity get increased through 'congruence' based on which he learns how to perform more efficiently in a team for own growth, as well as for others'.

It actually becomes possible because 'congruence' - the quintessential factor or essence of Philosophy - eliminates the problem of practicality, establishing a perfect balance or harmonious agreement between genius and madness; time and plane or dimension; probability and randomness; idea and execution, and, most importantly, between success and happiness. 

As a result, the quality of life. living and lifestyle experiences positive changes on a daily basis to make one fitter so as to survive evolution, adapting to any situation - good, bad, or ugly - with a higher degree of endurance i.e. 'evolutionary quotient'. 

But, no miracle or magic can produce and provide one with THE Quality Enhancement Solutions with Evolutionary Quotient unless his mind is thoroughly and properly Trained to think of solutions all the time even while there is nothing but only problem, problem and problem in business, profession and personal life.

In short, one needs Training - NOT just any Training but such a Training which will be a game changer for him. While he will get to understand the Philosophy of life inside-out rather easily and implement the same, daily, to the best of effects in the following areas: 

a) Leadership 
b) Interpersonal Relationship
c) Team Building and Synchronisation 
d) Motivation 
e) Performance 
f) Personality Development and Image Management 
g) Soft-skills 
h) Social Responsibility 

Now, if you are wondering how one or, for that matter, you too can get THAT Training, your worry or anxiety - if any at all - is no more justified. 

As, thanks to QESEQ International - exclusively partnering Teamcoach International (Malaysia) in India - getting 'Quality Enhancement Solutions with Evolutionary Quotient' has become a cakewalk. 

In fact, to know more about this Training and how you and/or your team members or employees can benefit from it, the first step ideally is to call up on: +919051056566 or shoot a mail at:

Frankly, there is no such pressure on you to do that in a great hurry, nevertheless, the early the best. For, today is all about competition where time matters, so, if you feel like reacting fast, no harm in it.

After all, the early bird catches the worm - though, with QESEQ, you will not only catch the worm but also can catch the world because it's only QESEQ that promises talent nourished, growth delivered like never before. 

PS: Do NOT trust QESEQ unless you test it and unless and until you test it, you can never comprehend and realise what you have been missing so far in Training. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

We must do something.

5-year old child.

Let's imagine his name is Neel. Which can be pronounced "Nil", complementing his family-condition. 

His father faced a fatal accident three years back and turned into a vegetable. But as there is hunger, which never spares anyone, and, as you know, not even vegetables, he eats, yes, he eats twice a day! 

So that child's mother cooks for those who can't cook for themselves because cooking everyday doesn't help the manicured nails.

Good that it doesn't, so at least a helpless and hapless lady can cook at home too, to feed her husband and her son, and may be herself in the process, if there is something left out, or even the leftover, for a change.

Through his twinkling eyes, while the child looked around and rolled his vision all over the room, it felt as if Columbus (reincarnated) was wondering about his next wander.

So much passion, so much hunger, so much thirst... to discover something unknown, to know something new, to internalise what is known... delivered through those little restless eyes can't be explained in words, actually.

If knowledge were an ocean, a sailor would get ready in a flash to explore it on his paper boat; it looked like that only for a while.

Knowing fully well, or perhaps dreaming fully well, miracles hardly happen but if something happens that might be a miracle for them, his mother opened up. With her welled up eyes, but with full of dignity and consciousness, the lady explained that she knew the education, the training, and the learning experience, which we offer, would help her son a lot but she couldn't afford to bear the liability of knowledge because she was caught in between breads and books. And as books couldn't not be eaten, she preferred breads to books for their survival.

[Survival of the fittest, well exemplified].

The child looked at his mother, and then smiled brightly enough to erase the pale off his mother and quipped, "I know I can learn all better things here, but since, I can't earn now, I can't learn now. So, it's okay."

We all knew it was not okay, so we kept mum. Because it is the easiest thing to do and it always looks sober and very sophisticated to salute and acknowledge someone's maturity or sacrifice from a safe distance.

But how long? And why so? Why can't a child get the best of training and learning experience because his mother is unable to pay the sum that is nothing to most of us?

Is there any answer? What is your solution?

Asking THIS to all of you rather openly because more often than not it's heard and read, "We must do something," so curious to know, "What is EXACTLY 'that something' which you are so eager to do?"

As part of 'that something', can you please suggest how will that child learn better things, like your son or your daughter does, and thereby go ahead in life?

Awaiting your valued comments.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

YOUR CHILD, YOUR ASSET. Invest on his / her learning with SIP Abacus: Success Assured.

A kid was one of the biggest fans of Lord Ganesha. He would always find Ganesha… a very sweet character, especially for his (Ganesha’s) ‘intelligence’ and ‘commonsense’. So, he used to read all comics written about and on Ganesha for umpteen times and would also worship Ganesha -- more as a pal than God.

One day, at school, the kid was asked to draw the picture of 'Earth'. So, being an ardent Ganesha fan, he drew something (like the picture below) and gave the caption: "Mother is Earth."



Later on, he made his mark in the world of creative, precisely in advertising and media, and is not doing so bad for himself, as well as for others, at present.

Well, incidentally, I happened to know that kid very closely and still know him almost inside out. We have been and are good buddies, since ages.   

Anyway, that's not an issue. But the issue is… if your child also thinks like that Ganesha fan had, then, frankly, nothing or none can stop him from becoming someone -- who will weather and withstand any pressure in any situation.

This child of yours is an asset then who deserves your investment. Not in terms of money, that way, but in terms of encouragement, openness, happiness and education, so he keeps thinking, learning and doing things, differently, but successfully, which, as a matter of fact, not everyone can.

In that case, besides his school and the private tuition, he needs such a 'learning experience' which will always value and complement his originality of mind and will help him know, rather naturally, how to think what and why so, and help him improve upon the same, continuously, minus any complacency.

Means, your child will get to know -- through structured modules of Training i.e. Brain Gyming -- how to maintain a balance between his left-brain and his right-brain all the time. Thus, his power to reason out and rationalize and his ability to create will grow manifold that will not only help him score better in examinations but also will make sure his leadership quality grows from the budding stage.

Now, if you are wondering how to do get that for your child, you can definitely think of SIP Abacus: The Brain Gym. It’s THE Brand which actually and factually assures success -- not in your child's mark sheet only but beyond that as well. 

So, if you are not willing to gamble with your child's future, WHICH IS EVENTUALLY YOUR FUTURE TOO, feel free to walk into: SIP Abacus (Haridevpur Center), 104A/22F, Karunamoyee Ghat Road (Ground Floor) Madhusudan Park, Kolkata 700082.

Alternatively, for direction or to fix up a suitable time for your visit, simply dial: +919051056566.

“See you then, very soon.”

For, the earlier the investment is made on your child’s thinking and learning, the better the result would be… before his mind gets cluttered with unnecessary things -- which is bound to happen as he grows up unless of course there is an apt protection like SIP Abacus: The Brain Gym.

PS: The said kid could've done even better in life had there been SIP Abacus in those days.