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Saturday, June 22, 2013

ABCDE, 5 points, how Indian advertising can get over Cannes Lions 2013 WHITEWASH

#Cannes 2013:

No #Film Shortlists for India. Of the 3125 Film entries received this year, 285 have been shortlisted. These don't include any Indian entries. 

NOTE: In India, the calibre of a #creative guy is always measured by his #TVC churning ability. 

Now, 5 Indian entries make it to the Film #Craft shortlist. 

What is this 'Film Craft' all about? 

Drooling over mere #execution minus any #idea.

But, both clients and agencies know advertising is about BIG IDEA first and then the creative execution.

#Advertising is no DTP #Business. That its growth can be measured by Billing Amount.

It's a #creative business to ensure a #brand sails through despite all adversities in a market or in different markets.

So, the role of an advertising agency is not anymore the role of an agency.

Today, an agency has to deliver like a business partner, getting itself involved in the#marketing process from the word go, bearing more responsibilities to justify its scale of service and solutions and its fee.

Otherwise, clients DO NOT need any BIG agency #network for that matter.

Also, #InternalCommunication and #Training are a must, because without that a brand is going to lose its face and loose its belt to consumer and to customer, thereby sending the #CRM process for a toss - despite gathering the world of data and investing on the latest business analytics, software and tools.

In this regard, funny #demography works no more. Time to implement #psychography - for employees first and then for customers.

And on the rewards and awards front, the need of the hour is to plan for a different system altogether. Which should keep the following points on mind, rather engrave in mind:

A) To reward through awards only consumer / customer effectiveness - without that advertising is either art or poetry; sorry, neither of them helps selling or sales

B) To organize a Bigger Award show than Cannes in India to set an 'indigenous global standard' than trying to ape others doing the monkey business which is not advertising, anyway

C) To value ideas first then execution in a creative - one needs eggs or chickens first to make omelettes or chicken curries

D) To evaluate a creative person based on his depth and understanding of advertising, not by how many TVCs he has in his portfolio or how many times has run on the beach in Goa or Cannes

E) To make passionate ad people in-house alongside making good ads. Who are not passionate should be sacked on an immediate basis, because their EMI hunger is not helping the business

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