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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Only Philosophy based Training by Congruence can increase Productivity.

The empirical knowledge or practicality, which is as blunt as digital sharpness, will argue that everything comes at a price.

Yes, it IS. If seen and understood apparently at a sensory level.

But, if commonsense is used, it will be realised, a certain component of everything comes at a price whereas the core of everything comes for FREE because the core itself is FREE.

(More so, as we belong to nothing and none and nothing and none belong to us).

For instance: Of course, money i.e. price is needed to purchase a certificate but the education vis-a-vis knowledge - supposedly certified with a piece of paper - comes for FREE. Because it IS FREE in true sense. For, you cannot see knowledge, you cannot hear knowledge, you cannot taste knowledge, you cannot smell knowledge and you cannot touch knowledge. 

So all your five senses cannot sense knowledge. But still you think, after knowing something, or having a degree or a diploma in hand that you've become knowledgeable.

Hence, this thought is a hypothesis, precisely (your) FAITH - which you cannot justify with any science, technology, facts and figures.

Thus, it is for FREE and it is FREE.

This IS Philosophy - which is also for FREE and is FREE.

Bottom-line: Practicality is a socially acceptable form of idiocy.

However, one can definitely get rid of this idiocy, if he is willing to develop and evolve his thinking on the basis of Philosophy which is nothing but commonsense that helps one understand what is success and what is happiness in a much better way. 

This understanding gradually helps one's productivity get increased through 'congruence' based on which he learns how to perform more efficiently in a team for own growth, as well as for others'.

It actually becomes possible because 'congruence' - the quintessential factor or essence of Philosophy - eliminates the problem of practicality, establishing a perfect balance or harmonious agreement between genius and madness; time and plane or dimension; probability and randomness; idea and execution, and, most importantly, between success and happiness. 

As a result, the quality of life. living and lifestyle experiences positive changes on a daily basis to make one fitter so as to survive evolution, adapting to any situation - good, bad, or ugly - with a higher degree of endurance i.e. 'evolutionary quotient'. 

But, no miracle or magic can produce and provide one with THE Quality Enhancement Solutions with Evolutionary Quotient unless his mind is thoroughly and properly Trained to think of solutions all the time even while there is nothing but only problem, problem and problem in business, profession and personal life.

In short, one needs Training - NOT just any Training but such a Training which will be a game changer for him. While he will get to understand the Philosophy of life inside-out rather easily and implement the same, daily, to the best of effects in the following areas: 

a) Leadership 
b) Interpersonal Relationship
c) Team Building and Synchronisation 
d) Motivation 
e) Performance 
f) Personality Development and Image Management 
g) Soft-skills 
h) Social Responsibility 

Now, if you are wondering how one or, for that matter, you too can get THAT Training, your worry or anxiety - if any at all - is no more justified. 

As, thanks to QESEQ International - exclusively partnering Teamcoach International (Malaysia) in India - getting 'Quality Enhancement Solutions with Evolutionary Quotient' has become a cakewalk. 

In fact, to know more about this Training and how you and/or your team members or employees can benefit from it, the first step ideally is to call up on: +919051056566 or shoot a mail at:

Frankly, there is no such pressure on you to do that in a great hurry, nevertheless, the early the best. For, today is all about competition where time matters, so, if you feel like reacting fast, no harm in it.

After all, the early bird catches the worm - though, with QESEQ, you will not only catch the worm but also can catch the world because it's only QESEQ that promises talent nourished, growth delivered like never before. 

PS: Do NOT trust QESEQ unless you test it and unless and until you test it, you can never comprehend and realise what you have been missing so far in Training. 

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