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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

We must do something.

5-year old child.

Let's imagine his name is Neel. Which can be pronounced "Nil", complementing his family-condition. 

His father faced a fatal accident three years back and turned into a vegetable. But as there is hunger, which never spares anyone, and, as you know, not even vegetables, he eats, yes, he eats twice a day! 

So that child's mother cooks for those who can't cook for themselves because cooking everyday doesn't help the manicured nails.

Good that it doesn't, so at least a helpless and hapless lady can cook at home too, to feed her husband and her son, and may be herself in the process, if there is something left out, or even the leftover, for a change.

Through his twinkling eyes, while the child looked around and rolled his vision all over the room, it felt as if Columbus (reincarnated) was wondering about his next wander.

So much passion, so much hunger, so much thirst... to discover something unknown, to know something new, to internalise what is known... delivered through those little restless eyes can't be explained in words, actually.

If knowledge were an ocean, a sailor would get ready in a flash to explore it on his paper boat; it looked like that only for a while.

Knowing fully well, or perhaps dreaming fully well, miracles hardly happen but if something happens that might be a miracle for them, his mother opened up. With her welled up eyes, but with full of dignity and consciousness, the lady explained that she knew the education, the training, and the learning experience, which we offer, would help her son a lot but she couldn't afford to bear the liability of knowledge because she was caught in between breads and books. And as books couldn't not be eaten, she preferred breads to books for their survival.

[Survival of the fittest, well exemplified].

The child looked at his mother, and then smiled brightly enough to erase the pale off his mother and quipped, "I know I can learn all better things here, but since, I can't earn now, I can't learn now. So, it's okay."

We all knew it was not okay, so we kept mum. Because it is the easiest thing to do and it always looks sober and very sophisticated to salute and acknowledge someone's maturity or sacrifice from a safe distance.

But how long? And why so? Why can't a child get the best of training and learning experience because his mother is unable to pay the sum that is nothing to most of us?

Is there any answer? What is your solution?

Asking THIS to all of you rather openly because more often than not it's heard and read, "We must do something," so curious to know, "What is EXACTLY 'that something' which you are so eager to do?"

As part of 'that something', can you please suggest how will that child learn better things, like your son or your daughter does, and thereby go ahead in life?

Awaiting your valued comments.

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