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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Know, how to let advertising and communications save a life.

A boy used to come to me often to know the nitty-gritty of advertising while he was doing his stint with a small agency at Kolkata as a copy writer.

He was a chain smoker, and would find it really difficult to negotiate things with me as smoking was never allowed at my place.

His intention always happened to be to convince me that without smoking ideas wouldn’t click as against my belief that an idea doesn’t need any dopes from outside but only inner substance i.e. commonsense based on observation, absorption and application.

Later on he shifted to Mumbai, and very recently I came to know that he’s been suffering from lung cancer at a last stage. The medical report suggested that his ‘great habit of smoking to think big’ was the root cause of his present situation.

I felt bad, but never for a second turned sympathetic towards him, as whoever prefers to commit suicide for no apparent reason as such, I love to see that person dead.

In fact, the early it happens the best it is.

Nonetheless, this incident pushed me to do something, at least to convey a message to teenagers who also delve into the notion, may be, that smoking helps ideation and creativity.

Which is why, I compromised on a good night’s sleep and created this ambient piece of communications – (as showing in the photograph below) – with a hope to save minimum one life from going astray to be ended within an ashtray, eventually, prematurely.

I sincerely wish if HT City or Mumbai Times, or MTV, or Reebok, or Airtel, or Pepsi, or any other Brand that appeals to the Youth could use this humble creation of mine, or anything else in line with that, to help young guns understand what is what, as part of its CSR programs beyond balance sheets for a change.

And don’t worry, for that, no Brand has to pay me anything, because to me the life of a teenager is much more important than earning a few quick bucks, or winning an award.

Just the reason, I’m appealing to each one of you, unless it’s impossible, please try to create an environment where everyone can live long, happily, healthily, and peacefully, and to do that, exploit your power of ad and communications to the maximum.

This world needs you to think, talk, open up, and speak out more and more than just sulk, crib, brood, complain, nag, or maintain a dignified silence for some selfish bliss.

I beg, it’s one life, so let’s live as long as possible, together.

Life needs advertising and communications; hence let’s add life to that. Let’s JUST DO IT.

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