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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shelter Your Image

When it rains cats and dogs, or just drizzles, or the sun decides to toast you with its scorching heat, and albeit you have to go out then what comes first on your mind? No poetry, I guess.

Then and there you think of nothing but an UMBRELLA for sure to hold it over your head and step out.

Now if you think a little deeper, I’m sure you also acknowledge that an umbrella means more than just a shelter to you on moves.

In fact, an umbrella helps you relate to the inspiration of your grandpa, or to the protection of your parents; to the first kiss in the rain, or to the first loss of anything in a private vehicle; to the impromptu support of a friend, or to the nagging load in your bag or hand… altogether to the world where you belong to and which belongs to you.

Undoubtedly this world is your very own. Still it behaves like the unknown. Because it tests your character, evaluates your merit, tickles your feelings, puts light on your personality, examines your image, challenges your confidence and demands your success… wherever you go or whatever you do beyond the assurance, comfort and safety of your cocoon called YOURSELF.

And this is that. Accept it or not. Either you have to win a life of your choice or you have to be defeated, conceding others’ preferences.

Hence it’s better if you decide to win. And this decision should be substantiated with your choice of things that you want to do, want to wear, want to carry, want flaunt, or simply want to conceal.

Be it your shirt or saree; your watch or bracelet; your perfume or lipstick; or simply your umbrella match it with yourself in such a way that it complements only your personality, rather exclusively, creating an image that’s unique and unmatched.

It’s not far fetched or any ridicule; insanity or obscene, in case you unfurl an umbrella which is designed for you only… thereby giving shelter not only to your body but also to your matchless image as expressed by your personality, traits, characteristics, behaviour, lifestyle, style, and, last but not least, your profession – while you decide to take the rain or the sun in your stride. Outside.

The trend is called IMAGE SHELTERING! Brought to you by your UMBRELLA. That's "YOUnique".

So, to know more about how to shelter your image exclusively underneath an umbrella, feel free to email at: or immediately.

After all, time and tide, and exclusivity don’t really wait.


varsha sg said...

Cheers to the unsung(before this piece came along) accessory, the 'umbrella'!! Well written.

sukanya said...

an umbrella???an eternal piece of pain in the wrong place once it's function is over.just to think someone is thoughtful enough to personalize this menace is thrilling and wonderful.thanks in advance for making this world a better and beautiful place.