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Friday, October 24, 2008

From Chak De to Do Chuck… India is reforming!

What is a tree? How dumb! A tree is a tree. What else can it be?!

Okay, now what’s in a tree?

WHAT?! Is it a question worth an answer at all?

Yes, if you can, please.

Huh, silliness at its best! Well, there are roots, stem, branches, leaves, flowers, and fruits in a tree.

You forgot to mention a few things.


Yes, you said nothing about birds (and their spoils), the sun, rain, oxygen, shadows, shelters, etc., which also complete a tree’s tree-ness. (Tree-ness??!!!)


Earlier not, but yeah, of late it is. Indeed.

What does it mean?

It means that days are rife for the roots to say that they are the trees. Or, for the stem to proclaim the same. Or, even for every single part of a tree to demand today or tomorrow that it’s the tree itself.

Very funny! This is impossible. It just can never happen. Got it?

I got it. But Raj and the likes don’t.

Who is Raj?

Come on, you don’t know Raj???!!!


Shame on you then! As, in recent times, he’s the most happening Indian in the nation.

How come?

Because he is heralding renaissance in Maharashtra!

Is it?

Yes, It is. And his monkeys, sorry his marshals, are called Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS).

That’s interesting! What do they do?

Frankly, it’s a million dollar question!

Ask, what they don’t? They do many things to lives and constantly remain in the thick of actions.

They beat the North Indians, they bang the Biharis, they might have plans to bash the Bengalis, and then burn the South Indians… they are workaholic, you see, and they are really instrumental to be the face of India’s reformation and, that too, complementing the nation’s tryst with globalisation!

F***, if this is globalisation, then what is mindless and petty localisation?

Well, that localisation, which you pointed out, happened to be what the early FOOLS (read the FREEDOM FIGHTERS) used to pursue, practice and die for, for achieving us SWARAJ!

Are you nuts!? How dare you call our SHAHID FREEDOM FIGHTERS fools!

Look, don’t get agitated for nothing. First know, what SWARAJ is, then react.

Fine! Then EXPLAIN it?

Actually, SWARAJ denotes a city, or, a state, or, a country, or, for that matter, even the whole world that belongs to the leaders such as Raj and the likes, who beat around the BUSH (pun intended) in the name of renaissance or reformation and incessantly declare wars, one after another, rather on innocent people.

And mind you; they are not terrorists, okay! You better appreciate that. Hence, address them with due respect as the reformists. Moreover, they also swear by the mantra “Dhande-mataram”, glossing a little over Bankimchandra’s Bande-mataram!

Also, if Netaji Subhas hadn’t asked the whole India to worship Maa Kali or get slaughtered by his Azad Hind Fauz, or, if C. Rajagopalachari couldn’t force Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Lala Lajpat Rai to eat Idli, Sambar, Vadai, Rasam, Dosa everyday, failing which he would start his crusade for an independent (South) India; it can’t be considered as Raj or others’ dirty-politics only … right?

Those leaders were fools, undoubtedly, as they had thrown away their life to gift us our SWARAJ. However, Raj and our other present leaders are wise. So, they take away our life to rebuild a new SWARAJ! “Navnirman”, for sure!

Disgusting! What are you saying? We should protest against this nuisance.

Yes, we could have protested, had we have time for it. But, you know, we are busy people. Our priorities are different. For us, Time is Money.

Plus, we have our families. We have our jobs. We have our cocktail parties. We have a hell lot of other obligations. Still, we show our concern for others and for our nation, and, anyway, we do our bits.

We read newspapers, we watch news channels, we follow stock-markets, we express our helplessness, we maintain our dignified silence, we offer our blissful ignorance, and, more often than not, we acknowledge the fact that India is growing!

Yes, India is growing! It is evolving. It is improving.

Possibly, that’s why, today’s India can take its stride SO FAST and WILD on the terror-track to finish its race in no real time.

In fact, to match the speed of this premature death, once the nation’s rich edifice of INTEGRITY IN DIVERSITY is also slumping down today and turning out to be a shallow slum of DIVERSITY IN INTEGRITY, very soon.

And, inhabiting there, we can only murmur, inaudibly of course, like the prisoners of pathos: “Do Chuck India… Do Chuck India…” - sadly replacing our WINNING and resonant exclamation of UNITY: “Chak De India”… forever.

So, what next?

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Thoughts @ Black n White said...

Cudos to u for this article. If every Indian can spare 5mins of their valuable time and protest the hineous deeds of the politicians then may be this mindless torture on innocent people will stop.....hopefully Indians will awake from their sleep soon !!!

Anonymous said...