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Monday, October 20, 2008

Aren’t We Brands?

Peter and Paul were close friends, since years. Their closeness even would allow one rob Peter to pay Paul and vice versa. And for that, neither Peter did mind ever nor did Paul.

When Peter began to date his childhood crush Patricia, Paul started courting his long cherished dream of launching a men’s apparel label.

Peter and Paul were ignited to plan a life of their own.

In due course, Peter got married to Patricia, so did Paul with his company called Paul’s.

The first executions took place meeting the guys’ individual plans.

As the water kept flowing under the bridge, Patricia became expectant to deliver her and Peter’s first issue, while Paul was about to roll out his first product to the world.

Courtesy: their respective R&D with love and passion, at home, at work.

Soon, Peter and Patricia introduced their son and baptized him as Allan and Paul christened his label as Adam and presented the same.

The baby and the label… both received their name and brand-name, respectively.

Gradually, Allan commenced his journey to school, college, B-school and Adam made his foray into shopping malls, retail shops, brand shops, etc. There Allan won many friends and Adam won many consumers.

Allan and Adam got into their relevant categories and were well accepted in market.

Allan made strong strides everywhere and achieved certificates, degrees, and diplomas galore, while Adam achieved quality-hallmarks, media-mentions, and ad-awards in abundance.

The man and the product earned laurels, according to their individual merits, and succeeded as brands.

Peter and Patricia were ageing, so they wanted Allan to settle down. On the other hand, Paul was also contemplating for getting Adam a partner for life.

After much cajoling, Allan gave in and Adam didn’t thwart Paul’s desire either.

Alice tied the nuptial-knot with Allan and Eve (a women's label) sealed Adam’s fate as his better-half.

Fresh packaging and promotion in life occurred for the man and the brand.

Then came the moment, Allan and Adam were geared up to be father, and Peter and Paul were ecstatic with the prospect of becoming grandfathers.

Jennifer, a sweet little angel, was born to Allan and Alice, where Adam and Eve added the kid-brand Tiny-Toes to their family.

Extension and growth happened for both Allan (the human) and Adam (the brand) to help their families and themselves survive and excel… in life.

Now, having compared Allan with Adam, is there any reason for us not to believe that humans are not brands or brands are not humans?

“NO!” I guess.

Just the reason, I strongly opine, “To be in rank with success a brand needs to have a human-aura and a human got to wear a brand-image.”

(Admit it. Or not.)

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