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Friday, October 3, 2008

The Great Indian Matri-market

I do read matrimonial ads! Do you? If yes, good; if not, better. Why do I read? Well, not for my marriage. Unfortunately for my wife, and fortunately for me that perennial accident has happened. Already.

Then why do I waste time and energy on those ads?! Because I have neither time nor energy; so what to waste and how? I rather invest on those ads.


Yes, I invest my commonsense on them and try to envisage, if those ads are giving me any idea! And they give. In fact, more often than not. But I hardly exclaim anything by shouting, “Eureka!” For, I’m not very comfortable with the idea of running naked out of toilet and, that too, exposing my more than 50-kg underweight built! I do care for my wife and don’t dare to my neighbours.

But what do I read there, which does tempt me to give complex to Archimedes? Nothing but the desperate lines in almost every ad that try to hard-sell the brand-grooms and the brand-brides.

For example:

Bride exquisitely beautiful. Only daughter. Well-established in father’s business. Father is a big shot. Uncle stays in the US. Maternal uncle plans to visit UK. Cousin brother IIT grad. Sis-in-law hails from a royal family. Mother social worker and reputed organizer of kitty parties. Highly qualified groom with astronomical income wanted. Mail detailed CV with recent snaps to ………………………………………….


Groom IT professional in MNC. Father business magnet. Mother the greatest housewife. Brother-in-law rocket scientist. Sister the mars watcher. All uncles and aunts are tycoons. Looking for stunningly beautiful, working, caring, expert in household, English speaking bride. Communicate with recent photographs and relevant details at …………………………………..

Interesting! Isn’t it?

Now can anyone help me evaporate the following doubts –

Who can’t be well-established in her father’s business? (Foster fathers are not considered though.)
What attributes or qualities of the brand-bride herself have been communicated to the prospective brand-grooms?
If the TA (brand-groom) is expected to be highly qualified with astronomical income (sense, sensibility, sensitivity, and sensuality included), why should he be interested in the abovementioned brand-bride?

Exactly in the same vein, my doubts continue on most of the brand-grooms’ ads targeted at the brand-brides.

And from that cauldron of doubts, I have struggled to churn out some tragic (if not magic) potion of ideas imitating Asterix – the indomitable.

That is, there is a huge, ever growing, always demanding, never declining, and challenging and evolving matri-market awaiting us. The Brand: Humans.

Thereby more dedicated, more committed, and more focused and more purposeful personalised communication is becoming important everyday. Thus in the process a communication gap is getting created, which is to be felt and filled up by none but eventually by the practitioners of communication comprising of ad agencies, direct marketing players, communication consultants and the like.

So, having a “marriage-communication cell” and, for that matter, having a full-fledged “my communication care” is not an inane or insane business viability, which the communication companies / network can afford to ignore anymore.

In fact, by providing this service the agencies and the like can reach closer to consumers than ever before. Consumer touch points will be increased and, as a result, consumer psyche will be better exposed (one-on-one almost all the time), analysed and perceived. And this knowledge will also help the agencies to bring into their edge of consumer-understanding more confidently with clarity on the table for their respective clients and the clients’ brands.

Plus, in this system for gaining this knowledge the agencies are paid by consumers; quite in contrast to any consumer research; as consumers readily believe and are convinced, of course for the reason obvious, that they are actually buying customised “my communication solutions” from the agencies.

That’s why, if we predict that the great Indian matri-market is pregnant with potentiality to redefine the communication landscape in the country on account of personalised communication, it’s got to be heard as a clarion call by the ad agencies and the like to provide “my communication care” to consumers, sooner than later.

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