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Monday, May 2, 2011

If you want photographs will re-create and recreate moments to treasure, you must be looking for HER!

First of all, my sincere and serious apology to all of you! I have no technical knowledge whatsoever in, on, of and about photography. Albeit, I’m indebted to each and every photographer across India and abroad whoever has given me the right to react on his / her work. Rather openly minus any sugar talks or false praise.

Mithu Chakraborty is also a photographer who asked me to react on her work. Mithu is a self-learned professional from Singapore. She’s a romantic and responsible wife, a doting mother, a successful business woman, and a champion performing artist... all rolled into one.

When it comes to photography, I really do feel one has to have the three basic qualities in him / her.

First: sense (S) – duly complemented by sensibilities. Second: eyes (E) – to see even insignificant things differently but not in an overtly abstract or alienated way. Third: memory (M) – the ability and capacity to compose and frame a shot instantly on mind before dropping the shutter to re-create and recreate a moment... revisiting time.

Rest of the things such as camera, lens, light, aperture, shutter-speeds, angles will follow to substantiate one’s caliber as a photographer provided those basic SEM factors are present in one in the first place.

Plus, a good and genuine photographer knows it much better than many how to blend the subject and the object in a photograph as an expression of seamless integration.

Make no mistake; it’s not just that skill – applies to shoot or post production jugglery – but it’s that rare quality which separates a real photographer from those ‘I have a Nikon and I have a Canon’ typos.

Needless to aver Mithu is one such woman of substance behind the lens who knows how to exploit her SEM factors… making the required ‘subject-object’ fusion rather naturally with zero compulsion.

Look at; in fact look into, a few of her shots Рas provided right here Рand you can understand how easily Mithu could, and always can, re-create and recreate moments with élan!

For example, if you see the snap of ‘the sky through the window pane’ (3rd one from the top)… you can actually feel how ‘the subject’ i.e. ‘the freedom in the sky’ has become so distinct through ‘the object’ i.e. ‘the window of captivity’.

A picture perfect illustration of the phenomenon called ‘passive is active’!

Also, if you mark the other snaps in the blog, you can comprehend that each of her clicks does offer something unique one way or the other to a connoisseur of photography and a common man alike… where everyone feels like exclaiming, “WOW!” experiencing a constant re-creation and recreation of moments beyond just photography and photographs… that you would love to treasure!

Now, to come alive with life by recreating moments, if you wish to connect with Mithu, feel free to visit her page!/pages/Mi-Mithu-Chakraborty-Photography/209159975778084 on Facebook.

Alternatively, you can also mail her at or for all professional assignments.

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