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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

God, Sex and No Dhokha...helps thinking and creativity for a better society and life.

Ever tried to talk about sex or foreplay at a public place, say… sitting at a CCD outlet or at a jam-packed compartment of a moving train, in India, as a matter of fact or just like that, without drawing people’s attention, astonishment, shock, surprise and disgust? If not, please try it out, and if remained unscathed after your experiment, kindly share your experience. Would be a delight to know that.

Anyway, ever missed to witness a Shivling across India and the people folding their hands to offering their regard and respect to the Ling (Genital) of Shiva? Or for that matter, ever missed to do that, you yourself, consciously or subconsciously?

Okay, if things are becoming complicated, relax, and just ask yourself, why can’t you talk about sex or foreplay in public whereas you can express your regard and respect to someone’s Genital, precisely a Dick; not only a Dick, in fact a Dick which is comfortably placed into a Love-hole, connoting Open and Free Sex?

Any justifiable answer for what you see or do, apart from citing things like: “Everyone does that” or “Shivling is God” or “In Hindu Shashtra it’s written” or “My parents and Guruji asked me to do that” or “Blah, blah and blah”?

Actually you may give a million answers and win a debate or argument, however still the reality won’t change, and that reality IS, you have NO clear idea about what is what.

Look at a Shivling closely for 5 minutes, forget all Shastras, Dharma, Karma, et al. Just use COMMONSENSE and you can feel the pleasure of love making i.e. sex i.e. creation i.e. srishti.

A Shivling is not only the Genital of Shiva but also the Genital of Durga and together they form the ‘unit of sex’ symbolizing creation i.e. srishti.

This is the ultimate symbol of a balanced social structure and social peace conceptualized by the ancient Munis and Rishis as an integral component of Hinduism.

It signifies and amplifies, if the father and the mother i.e. a man and a woman indulge in good and quality sex, the outcome of their love making always helps the world be in absolute peace and eventually turn creative. Because a peaceful mind can think better and better thoughts benefit creativity and creations.

The derivatives of Shiva and Durga’s love making are Ganesha, Laxmi, Kartikeya and Saraswati.

Ganesha represents Wisdom and Commonsense; Laxmi represents Money and Wealth; Kartikeya represents Strength and Security; and Saraswati represents Education and Knowledge.
Means the entire family, precisely Shiva and Durga’s four children complete the Char-Disha or Khetra i.e. Four Directions and Quadrants of a plane i.e. life. 

If you look at the arrangement of the idols during Durga Puja, you can see, Laxmi-Ganesha are put together to form a pair and Saraswati-Kartiyeka are put together to form another pair.

Why so?

So that, money and wealth get duly balanced with wisdom and commonsense to create more values in life, while Strength and Security i.e. Muscle Power gets balanced with proper Education and Knowledge so as to keep the generated values well protected.

And when something is well protected, it generally doesn’t fear anything, so lives more freely thus contributes to creation to help mankind and human race or lives as a whole to grow and evolve – complementing Darwin’s theory survival of the fittest. And as an extension of that theory of the brightest as well.

Therefore, while you worship a Shivling, you worship no god but the ultimate source of eternal creations that ensure you a peaceful, positive and productive society… maintaining no gender bias but an absolute balance and equality of genders.

This proves the point, if you talk about sex or foreplay in public, you are not committing a sin or crime but actually helping some prejudices get erased from every closed and shady mind.

(Though talking slang or passing lewd comments on an opposite gender doesn’t mean you are helping any social cause).

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