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Friday, February 22, 2013

Idea Cellular's latest TVC maintains the Brand's PHONY ideas to change lives.

Idea Cellular rolls out its new TVC in line with the Brand's core idea 'What an Idea'. 

As believed, Idea always addresses a social issue - be it environment protection or caste; politics or birth control - in a big way with its campaigns, this time also it has done nothing different to alienate the brand-core from its audience. 

Although Idea has dropped Junior Bachchan from the commercial which is of course a welcome change, to say the least. 

With the commercial, Idea tries to address, attend and solve a marital discord - often takes place between two 'we-love-to-war-for-nothing' parties called husband and wife.  

The commercial is very neatly made; having an engrossing story; holding repeat view possibilities and, most importantly, as Arun Iyer - National Creative Director, Lowe Lintas & Partners - explained to, has 'telephony ideas' that can change people's life.

See the commercial here:

However, here the question arises - what's always been there in fact: "Does Idea Cellular thrive on 'telephony ideas' only or on something 'phony' too which has nothing to do with social issues in reality?"  

For instance, to save trees while digital reading on mobile phones was promoted by Idea, what was, or still is, the brand's stance on the e-waste issue, which is one of India's major environmental problems, more so, given the fact that India is one of the dump yards for e-waste to the developed countries? 

Likewise, if a tiff or differences in a relationship is needed to be solved by a 'telephone exchange' only (pun intended; however that pun will hardly be understood by anyone unless the person has read Ashwini's article on, then in order to sell their mobile connection, Idea Cellular is actually using social issues, not solving that.

Probably the brand is not aware of the fact that globally mobile phones are recognised as one of the prime contributors to spoiling human relationships.

Plus, it's also not necessary for two persons to have two identical mobile phones so as to overlook that their phones got exchanged, even if they were in a great hurry.  

So, if Idea's idea is to ride on 'phony ideas' to change people's life, as usual, the brand has hit the bull's eye. But if it claims to have created 'telephony ideas' to change people's life, or for that matter, have tried to solve a familial problem for the greater interest of society, then that was NOT the case for sure. 

Because in the said TVC, mobile phones were NOT solving a relationship problem. Instead, mobile phones were presented as 'indispensable organs like minds and hearts' for understanding human relationships. And portraying that is not only dangerous but also a manufactured effort to commercialise every relationship that people otherwise enjoy or would have enjoyed rather naturally minus phones, tablets, etc. 

Hence the content and the intent of Idea's latest TVC "Ek doosre ko samajhne ke liye telephone exchange... What an idea!" are neither positive nor pragmatic nor prudent. But yet another push selling trick, involving kids as the influencer i.e. baits.

That's it and that's all.

Finally, "the smarter the phone the dumber the people" cannot be a marketing ploy even if a creative shows that a kid was smarter enough to get two smart phones swapped between two mature (but dumb) people. 


Anonymous said...

stupid writer..such well conceived advertisement idea..

Anonymous said...

u made stupid comments abt Idea adv-child exchanges is to promote their brand..grab the attention for 20 seconds..completely achieved it,connecting the emotional cord..people like u are thinking that an adv. should cure issues like politics/corruption/health..stupid expectation.

mesushovan said...

To grab the attention for 20-30 seconds, no brand needs to do anything for that matter. Just a catchy tune as sound and some cleavage or thigh shows as visual do the needful. And for that, no ad agency is required but any house at a brothel can serve the purpose. Hope to get more abuses. Keep them coming... :)