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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Middle-class JOINT FAMILIES are the key to any Economy and Social Security.

Do you agree that economy influences social behaviour i.e one's economic state is directly proportional to his/her social behaviour? 

For instance: Today I have enough money for not to worry about anything, so my behaviour is pretty sober and sophisticated, but if tomorrow, I am forced to reel under financial pressure, my behaviour will change, and if my economic condition keeps deteriorating, it might so happen that I will end up being an anti-social in order to survive. 

I guess you too also agree to the fact that when the stomach is empty... no education, no culture, no background really matter, because an empty stomach only produces gas and gas hits one's heart and mind very badly. 

Nothing philosophical but quite practical, I reckon. 

In this situation, people, I am talking about retail investors, precisely the middle-class, need to save first and then invest for wealth generation, so as to create some hedging for their future and then try to make the future brighter. 

But what it seems, at least if I go by the burgeoning consumerism, the spending is getting higher everyday, whilst no substantial growth in real income is visible.

If it continues like that, the middle-class will slide down to the lower-class, while the upper-class will grow fatter. 

The wealth-inequality will be greater, and thanks to the extinct of the middle-class, the servility in profession, in business and in society will increase. 

This will spawn and spur a severe social unrest, leading to social wars in every nook and corner of India, as well as across the world.

So, what apparently seems to be nothing is actually a sleeping volcano, which all of us are fueling up with our 'why should I care' attitude and approach. 

However, we are forgetting one simple thing that our respective families belong to society and a political environment, but it's not the other way round.

Which is why, unless and until society and that political environment are fit and healthy enough, the safety and security of ours is on tenterhooks. More so, as not everyone of us can be in the upper-class, for, it never happens that way, since the real-life is not made in Bollywood or Hollywood for that matter.   


Of course, there is one and only remedy and that is to protect the middle-class and their interest by hook or by crook, so their economic state remains stable; they are able to save and invest, and, in the process, their social behaviour remains value-driven, as it has always been, but not just money-driven. 

To do so, a retrospective outlook and action is a must, which will help the social construct get rebuilt on the basis of JOINT FAMILY.

Because, only that can help retail investors come back to the market for wealth generation through more savings and investment, and if they do so, the wealth-inequality will start to reduce, promising more social security on the basis of people's 'positive social behaviour'.

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