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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Reason in picture: Why India's Daughter in India itself gets suppressed

The Government of India tried a range of measures to ban the British film-maker Leslee Udwin’s documentary, India's Daughterbroadcast by the BBC about the gang-rape and murder of a young girl, Jyoti turned Nirbhaya, in Delhi.

In the film of 58.43 minutes of duration, the unmasking of the Indian society was done delicately, as a matter of fact, without any over-the-top melodrama and thereby not to create even the slightest of sensitisation in line with populism for popularity.

The flow was impeccable, so was the narration. The editing was top-class that didn't let 'the dry, dull and rough Indian culture' turn mushy with dollops of uncalled for sentimental moisture which almost always helps us, Indians, keep our thick skin supple to flaunt the 'beauty of the beast' that every Indian and NRIs take pride in. 

In short, India's Daughter has definitely unmasked the banality of evil that we indulge in, as a nation, every day, everywhere, every time, playing the role of protectors of preys, so as to perpetrate crimes and cruelties, conveniently, being smart predators. 

No wonder the Indian Government literally had no other option but suppress this documentary in order hide the real India from a global embarrassment, especially when the fire of nationalism needs enough fanning and fanfare to spread across the nation for captivating people - predominantly the youth and the middle-class - in the gas chamber of growth and development.

The pictures (screenshots from the said film) below, thanks to the subtitles, duly explain why India's Daughter off her mother's lap needs to be banned (and burnt) in India - the nation which is ironically called Bharat Mata.

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