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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


What’s the difference between “Accenture” and “Jockey”? No prize for guessing, or answering. Because when the former is synonymous to “Consulting. Technology. Outsourcing.”, the latter stands for “Comfort. Titillation. In-sourcing.”

However, rather interestingly, Accenture concentrated quite hard on their “Business Attire Policy” in recent times. Perhaps the organisation felt that to combat the heat of the global meltdown should never be an in-office “Jockey-ing” – practiced by its employees.

Thus, prophet-ing “Accent on the Future”, Accenture helped the creation of a few ads (as showcased along with this article)… flashing the company’s restrictions on the flesh, skin and brawn shows of its Adams and Eves in office.

It seems, in line with the punch-line “High performance. Delivered.”, Accenture had to do something so dramatic in a desperate effort to keep the “brain-factor” alive among its employees.

Now the point is when worldwide the never-aged maxim says, “Sex Sells!”, can Accenture afford to denounce and deny the flesh-factor of its employees so easily? More so, when on an average an employee spends most of his quality time in office only… at present?

Or the company is too much worried about its female-employees’ calves, shoulders, bare-backs, etc. or its male-employees’ biceps, armpits, and the likes?

If flesh and skin of opposite sex are distractions at workplace, in that case when Adam gave away his apple to Eve for sharing knowledge, may be the first dude of mankind was in his Armani suit, so was the dudette fully wrapped up inside her attire… right?!

For that matter, then the top-to-bottom clothed Talibans are the most productive manpower and womanpower around for any organisation that promises things like: “High performance. Delivered.”

Bizarre! Quite weird! And too some extent pathetic work culture to bring in to any organisation for any employee per se. More so, when it’s 2009!

As a matter of fact, gimmick is nothing new rather an essential part of HR policies (fallacies included) in an organisation. But, when this type of gimmicks goes overboard it actually comes crushing down to the ground reality defining HR as “Humour Resources!”

Frankly, from a concern like Accenture that was the last thing expected. For, Accenture has never needed to worry so early that if the prevalent economic crisis continues; its workforce might come down to office in two-pieces only, eventually. The company could have or still can jolly well rely on its employees cloth-buying capacities at least, if not working abilities, despite of the current financial doldrums.

Finally, people who join an organisation of Accenture stature and calibre have certainly got the greys inside their nuts to opt for “Jockey” in place of “Accenture” – whenever they feel like getting: “THE NEXT BEST THING TO > NAKED.”

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sukanya said...

the tongue in the cheek style of writing is absolutely delightful.kudos!!!