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Saturday, March 23, 2013

How to ensure content goes viral off your Facebook fan page.

Social@Ogilvy is Ogilvy's official Social Media wing cum the Facebook Fan Page.

On Thursday i.e on March 22nd, 2013, they uploaded on their fan page a FABULOUS on-ground anti-smoking activation campaign video done by Ogilvy.

So far, (while I'm posting this blog), that video achieved '27 shares' - the most crucial component in the number game for SMM - Social Media Marketing.

The same video was uploaded on the page of 'Mind Blowing Resources' and it was shared for 102 times.

Whereas, off Ogilvy's page the video was shared for 2,319 times.

It's a 'case study' actually, which reveals the following -

a) An individual's page / account creates better experience and engagement on the social media than his brand's or company's fan page.

Because even on a digital media, humans like humans.

b) A Brand or an Organisation's Fan Page can't really push a Content to go 'viral' despite the best of efforts.

Because a Fan Page by default contradicts the basic premise or condition of virality. So unless and until the content is properly ambushed, disguised, or incentivised, it's almost impossible to generate even 20 shares per content.

c) Third party recommendations beyond fan page do wonders on the social media for greater virality. Which is why; brands or companies need to identify the communicators cum evangelists on their page and develop a good rapport and relationship with them.

And ideally such communicators or evangelists should be taken on a payroll or into a collaborative partnership as consultants or advisors because their communications and engagements matter - and those guys are the bait.

Any brand or organisation, if really serious about SMM - Social Media Marketing - shouldn't ignore this case-study to reap in rich benefits.

Because EGO doesn't help in business but FRANKNESS does wonders. Since, today is for COLLABORATION, where the concept of 'my company, my profit, my family' is totally FUNNY, BASELESS and UNPRODUCTIVE.

Bottom-line: Lesser vertical profit, more horizontal investment for an ensured overall gain and growth. Continuously.

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