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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Smart phones won't do unless brand owners, marketers are smarter.

'Bishwa' – what’s written on the rickshaw – i.e. 'the world' is SMART now.

Watching movie clips, especially a song sequence, on mobile is the easiest and most-favoured form of entertainment that almost everyone indulges in to relax or to kill some time. And there lies in a huge scope for marketers to expand the consumer touch point by manipulating content.

For that, a piece of content should offer: a) simpler communication – ideally in regional / local language; b) greater usability – by easy-to-use and engaging user interface designs; and c) instant gratifications.

However, ‘instant gratifications’ don’t necessarily mean that there cannot be any BIG IDEA to encourage a consumer think and act besides just react and forget. In fact, that’s the ‘challenge’ – how to club ‘instant insanity and inanity’ with ‘prolonged sanity and intelligence’. 

And that could be possible, if, and only if, a brand owner / marketer takes extra initiatives to bring both the mainstream agency and the digital agency together and help them work in absolute sync.

For, no divide between the mainstream and digital agencies, and the present work-culture of 'tu-tu, main-main' (yours is yours, mine is mine) will help a brand owner / marketer… whereas the agencies' respective billings will keep increasing on account of lip-service minus any such accountability.

To conclude, those days are long gone, actually and factually, when an agency's service happened to be only providing with communication solutions. Today is different. And that’s why, an agency is bound to create sales, and if it can't, it's not worth even a single penny, so got to be chucked out immediately.  

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