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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Paper Boat AAMRAS needs proper marketing, advertising and communications support.

Rs. 25/- for 250-ml is no price actually, if metro city pricing model is followed - especially for a product that really tastes soooo good and offers a seriously rich experience.

Paper Boat 'aamras' is one such product which might give Maaza, Slice and Frooti a run for their money.

However it might NOT. Because if a product is so 'reluctant' in its marketing and communication approach, things could hardly happen in its favour.

For instance, in the back of the product, with a great attitude, in all caps, it's written: "No colours. No preservatives. No artificial flavours. Basically, none of that junk."

Whereas it's also written in the back only: "Contains added flavours (nature-identical flavouring substance)."

A dichotomy for sure.

Plus, there is a URL: which only leads to: - Godaddy page asking to register the URL!!

A shocker to say the least!

There is also a Facebook page: - which is equally inept as it seems.

The entire situation once again amplifies the soggy mindset of a marketer in India in contrast to a marketer in a European country or in the US. Despite having such a superior product.

I wish any agency in Gurgaon could approach this product owner: to make a great brand out of nothing.

In fact, I'm ready to accept the challenge in case I get the infrastructural, servicing and billing supports from any agency out there. 

The product surely has a brand life in it unless of course the owner kills it thanks to the typical ownership ego and false attitude.

For now, that seems to be a possibility in fact.


Sourobh Deb said...

I actually saw aamras at 'Le Marche' store here in Gurgaon yesterday... I was attracted towards the cute package and reasonable price... Though was surprised to see a dissonance of natural identical flavour and also no artificial flavour... The product however is really good --- and therefore googled about it today morning

mesushovan said...

Thanks for your comment, Sourobh! Yes, the product's packaging is really good, so is its taste. But their marketing and communication ploys seem to be all over the place rather ironically. And that's a worry, indeed.

Paper Boat said...

Hello Sushovan!

First of all, thanks for liking Paper Boat Aamras. I hope you have tasted Paper Boat Jaljeera too.

About the dichotomy mentioned in the blog; Yes, it is true - The ingredients AND the claim. Staying clear of "nit-picky" definitions let me tell you:
1. Nature Identical is definitely NOT artificial. Artificial flavors are bad things, NI is natural substitute required to sustain the product in Indian heat. If one is not using preservatives, the shelf life with only natural flavors go down drastically. So, Paper Boat uses both natural and nature-identical flavors, but strictly no artificial flavors.

2. Acidity regulators and stabilizers are NOT preservatives. In fact, most of these are quite abundant in the magical, wonderful kingdom of fruit. Citric acid? Yes, we add that- keeps it good and honest through the Great Indian Summer, and, indeed, the Great Indian Shop-shelf and logistics to reach there. Acidity Regulator is in fact, lo and behold, Vitamin C, and Stabilizer is Pectin. Regulatory language, is, well, heavy.
Yes, that's the story. I think preservatives, artificial flavors and added colors are monstrosities masquerading as civilization. So, never will they be in anything.

Now, regarding the marketing part. I would absolutely love to hear your ideas regarding marketing of Paper Boat. There is absolutely no better way to generate ideas than them coming from consumer like you themselves. I also apologize for what seems like lack of marketing for Paper Boat. There are limitations when a product like Paper Boat comes from a start-up. Would try that my efforts match expectations in future.

Paper Boat has an interim website-cover, while I get one which will take you down your memory-lane, and reinforce that Life is Still Beautiful. You can check that at

Some action has also started on my Facebook page. I will absolutely love you can give your comments and feedback regarding the same.

For more information, write to

Paper Boat

Sushovan Chaudhuri said...

Dear Paper Boat,

I know the address part reads reasonably odd, since addressing someone, presumably human, as Paper Boat is not sane.

But couldn't help, since, the person who bothered to write to me at length and actually gave such a delightful and knowledgeable explanation to get his product cleared of 'nitpicky', didn't feel like revealing his name, strangely!

Well, to me, being a Paper Boat Aamras aficionado and a Marketing Communications Consultant, it's yet another dichotomy.

You know what, if you had written, in the first place, "Added flavours, not artificial (natural identical favouring substance to help preservation naturally)" would have been more than enough to avoid any such 'nitpicky'.

And there are many open secrets, which you also know, so do I, hence let's not get into that. Masquerading is a part of marketing, especially, when the county is India. And where everything is at a great risk following an asterisk (*) and two dreadful words: "Conditions apply."

Glad to know that you would love to hear my idea on marketing of Paper Boat, precisely, on Marketing Communications.

But, frankly, FREE Advice is no advice, so I would rather refrain from sharing my ideas. Because unlike ad agencies I hardly pitch for anything for FREE.

Like I spend Rs. 25/- every time to taste and test Paper Boat, so Paper Boat too has to spend some amount to taste and test my Marcom Ideas.

In case you are game to make a Brand of Paper Boat, which essentially, as a product, has all the qualities to beat any Mango Drink Brand in India, feel free to shoot your mail at:

Alternatively, you can get in touch with me on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter where I'm pretty active for that matter, everyday.



Paper Boat said...

Hey Sushovan!

This is Mohit, from Team Paper Boat.

We are still learning, so thanks for pointing things out to us!

While we would have loved to clearly indicate our flavoring in the manner suggested by you, my guess is that regulations prescribe a set format (I may well be wrong here).

It means a lot to us at Paper Boat that you like Aamras.

I also love the opportunity we have for connecting with you for marketing reasons. Maybe we can have a discussion if you drop an email at /

Mohit @ Paper Boat

Sushovan Chaudhuri said...

Hi Mohit,

Thanks for your reply!

I will surely drop you a mail.