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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Want to make a smart choice? Use WBT: Whole Brain Thinking.

First picture is my 'Brain Mapping' by 'WBT: Whole Brain Thinking' that shows how my 'Thinking Preferences' work.

Second picture is the detailed report of the same.

(Click on both the pictures to enlarge and look at them in a better way).

Once this clear to me, as well as to others who deal with me and vice versa, 'relationship' - personal or professional - becomes much easier to maintain and manage.

For, relationship entirely depends on two parties' 'behaviour' and, not to mention, 'behavioural preferences' - which are changeable - depend mostly on 'Thinking Preferences' i.e 'ESA: Emotional Self-awareness'.

So, recruiting employees on the basis of CV, or selecting partners on the basis of horoscope or bank balance or look, or guiding students on the basis of report cards is a medieval practice.

If anyone really wants to make a 'smart choice' today, s/he has to do that by WBT because that's 'intelligence' in real sense.

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