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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Shortage of time is shortage of energy... to dream, do and deliver.

It's time to understand one simple thing that 'time' is a 'definite resource'. Because, time is 24 hours a day for everyone in this world. However, your energy is not. It's basically stretchable and infinite. 

So, what takes a toll on you is not time, but it's your 'energy' that depletes. 

In physics, as you know, energy is defined as the capacity to work... that means, your capacity to work is at risk while you complain of time often. 

For that, the need of the hour for you is to 'regain energy and reclaim yourself'. 

Energy comes from four main wellsprings in human beings: Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit. When any of the four is disturbed or stressed, or does malfunction, energy level automatically reduces. As a result, you are bound to feel the heat and, in the process, things will start to take a toll on you. 

Apparently, it seems everything is cool and awesome; you have been doing fabulously well; things are happening and falling in place at a jet-setting speed, but is it so? 

Frankly, I have my reservation, because going with the flow, even at a lightning speed, is not necessarily surging ahead. And there, somewhat I guess, you do compromise on different situations in the name of adjustment.

If my guess was right, even in percentage, then, owing to that compromise, three of your four wellsprings - mind, emotion and spirit - get unfavourably affected. Therefore, the energy you draw from yourself almost always remains lesser than required. 

The moment, the capacity to work begins to quiver, obviously, the productivity gets reduced, and once that happens, reeling under time pressure becomes inevitable. 

Which is why, I earnestly request you to take care of yourself first and foremost, leveraging 'ESA: Emotional Self-awareness', for, that's the most important thing to do before dreaming, doing and delivering anything.

Frankly, without that ESA, the value of time could never be realised. Time is never an expenditure. It's rather a fixed capital or deposit for an assured return of interest per day until you die. 

After all, don't blame time for the shortage of it because time is never short but you are not long enough to outgrow yourself, everyday.

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