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Friday, November 8, 2013

MBlaze: MTS India's broken promise and egg shells on customers' face

MTS India, India’s one of the leading Mobile and Internet Service providers does basically thrive on three factors:

(1) Lies 
(2) Deception
(3) Procrastination 

In the business, this Brand is actually the egg shell operating as a boiled egg right under the nose of the Government of India, as well as many State Governments.

How they are doing so, asking that question is of no use, since, it’s an open secret by now how such dubious Mobile and Internet Service providers work across India.

With their Unlimited Recharge Plans that come with MBlaze, they make sure people fall into the trap and then become the victim of the ‘speed-cap’ and thereby get robbed of their precious time and money.

Read on… to know how it works:

a)      Say, you have recharged your Internet account with Rs. 798/- for your unlimited usage. Of course, you know beforehand that after 5GB of usage the normal speed of 3.1 Mbps (maximum) will come down to the ‘capped’ 144Kbps (maximum). Please note, neither 3.1Mbps nor 144Kbps speed does give you the guarantee that it’s an assured speed which you will get, constantly. No, it’s not the case, instead, it’s a hope (against hope) that you might get ‘up to’ 3.1 Mbps or 144 Kbps of speed – like a donkey chasing the dangling carrot.

b)      Once you are done with the unlimited recharge, you won’t get any information on your Data usage even if you bang your head on screen to check your balance. Then, all of a sudden, you will get to know, your 5GB Data limit is over and therefore the dreaded ‘speed cap’ of 144Kbps (maximum) is getting inflicted upon your usage until the 30-days validity period finishes.

c)      Under the ‘speed-cap’, all you can afford to do is log in and then keep watching the white screen in front of you. You can definitely get to see a webpage, if you have the patience to welcome Ram after he comes back home from his exile. Otherwise, you can consult a psychologist in case the prevalent frustration pushes you to depression... losing out invaluably valuable time and money – if your business or study is information dependent.

d)     Inevitably, in order to get rid of the devilish ‘speed-cap’, you will try to recharge your Internet account with another recharge option, being fully unaware of the fact that you can’t benefit from that unless and until the agonising validity period of 30-days of the unlimited recharge is over. Rather intentionally, MTS India doesn’t provide you with this IMPORTANT INFORMATION. As a result, you do another recharge but to no avail, so MTS India gets the money but you won’t get the speed you require.

e)      That means, MTS India manages to ensure you recharge twice within 30-days while, in reality, you will be able to use the net for 10 days maximum.

f)       You will try to lodge a complaint against this deceit by calling up the customer care and/or by emailing to the same. While you do so, more often than not, you will get to know the toll-free number doesn’t exist, so you will have no choice but to call up the chargeable number. Means, you have to waste more money.

g)      By the stroke of luck and wasting more than enough time and money on the ridiculous IVR, if you manage to reach a customer care executive, you have to lodge your complaint ideally in Hebrew. For, neither your English nor your Hindi can complement their unique comprehension and communication.

h)      After 5-7 minutes of interaction (read verbal duel), you will get to know the customer care executive is thankful because you called up MTS and you must clean and clear temporary internet files, history, cookies, etc.
i)        Bleeding through your mouth and sweating out profusely, if you manage to get your complaint registered for a technical assistance, you will receive a call from a technical person, generally after 48 hours, who will offer you a solution which has nothing to do with your complaint, or is bizarre enough to forget your original complaint or a blatant lie that the issue is resolved whereas nothing is done.

j)        In case you email to the customer care department, you will receive some templated and scripted replies full of inane lines but good enough to frustrate you so much that you will stop writing back. Because it’s really tough to beat an idiot with intelligence.

k)      Once you give up and surrender, you receive either a call or an email from MTS India proclaiming your problem is resolved, so the case is closed.

l)        Being dejected, if you wish to escalate the issue to the Appellate Authority or the Chief Customer Service Delivery Officer, you might experience no better result because corruption happens from top to bottom and unless the senior allows no junior has the audacity to do a mischief.  

m)    Finally, either you have to concede the switching cost and take another service provider’s connection, hoping (against hoping) again that it might be better. However, there is no guarantee, so, as a customer, you get ready to be ‘hanged unto death’ unless of course you are moving to consumer court because you have plenty of time and resources to follow up and stick to your case, religiously.

In a nutshell: If you are willing to be robbed by MTS India of your time and money, use its MBlaze connection. Otherwise, simply drop it and let MTS India face the consequence on the balance-sheet.

To know more about customer experience and how MTS India throws egg shells at customers' face with MBlaze, open this link of reviews:

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