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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ten things one can learn from Sachin Tendulkar and his farewell speech.

Well, the world is filled with Gurus. Who preach but hardly teach because preaching is more fashionable than teaching. In this scenario, when leadership, precisely 'thought leadership' is so scarce everywhere, the growth of leadership coaches is mushrooming. Additionally, best-selling books and blogs on motivation and performance are all around, and everyone knows how to be or make others successful in a flash. And, since all those books and blogs are becoming best-sellers, continuously, it proves the point success is basically nowhere... apart from mistaking the chase for success as success.

What to do then? How to achieve success? 

Frankly, I don't know. I don't have even the slightest of idea... how to manufacture success. All I can say is, success is Sachin Tendulkar, and if you can learn and follow 10 simple things from his life on the basis of his farewell speech at Wankhede, you might succeed in your life as well. 

The things which I reckon one must not dare to miss in Sachin's magic potion are: 

1. Love. I have not used the word 'passion' for love because, with love, comes responsibility and, with responsibility, comes greatness. And that's what required for one to excel in his profession, as well as in personal life.  

2. Dreams. If you can't think big, you can't do big. At the same time, thinking big doesn't mean thinking of big things only all the time. Instead, it's more about thinking of small things also in an extraordinary way. A pinch of salt makes a huge difference in the taste of palatable, mind it. 

3. Deed. A dream - small, medium, big - is nothing without doing things in the direction of realizing it. In dream, 'nothing is impossible' or 'impossible is nothing', but in reality, 'everything is impossible' or 'impossible is everything' and there lies in the challenge. Travelling from Mumbai to Delhi is a dream unless someone travels the distance. Simple. 

4. Practice. No deed would be good enough to be great, eventually, if it's not practiced for umpteen times. Homework sets the tone of classwork and good performance in classwork builds up the confidence for exams. Talent is a privilege, a gift, hence, it's nothing and can't be called own or to be proud of. 

5. Patience. Nothing is real-time in real life. Even the sun takes 12 long hours to reappear. A baby takes 9 months to appear. Hence patience is the key, even while it depresses and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. Basically, in those situations, patience is what that helps one adjust his vision in the darkness and see through instead of banging head for lights.

6. Perseverance. It's very difficult to do and achieve anything minus persistence. Flash in the pan activity, or even thinking is of no use. In fact, one way, perseverance helps to dream and do the same thing again and again without being bored. Honestly, even when practice and patience fail short, it's perseverance that helps one sail through. Being in a situation to hang around in spite of adversity is what really counts. Plus, it leaves no room for complacency. 

7. Values. Price is what you pay and value is what you get. But, values are what you create for generations. You may buy a watch at a certain price and get the right time on it as value, but, unless you realize and help your next generation realize the essence of punctuality, well, then no values got created by you. Then it's a big issue because there's no legacy to be taken forward.

8. Gratitude. You are made by your parents. Yes, technically. Thanks to their love making. For that, it's wise to accept from the word go, you are not self-made. Then there are many people: teacher, mentor, coach, and many things, who and what help you to be made, even if you are an orphan. That's why, it's prudent to remain grateful all the time for whatever you get or achieve. Without a loser, you can't be a winner, so never ignore and underestimate the power of gratitude.

9. Family. The influence of family and extended family is massive. For, we are social beings after all. The contribution of family and extended family to your growth is certainly not in your hand but, in case you get that, never ever deprive yourself of the good-luck bestowed upon you. 

10. Friends. Nobody can give you more hopes even in no hope situations than friends do. They are your punching bags, hit-me dolls. So invest in friendship, because the return you will get, you might not even think of. Unlucky is the person who has no good friend. A friend in need is not a friend indeed; rather a good friend is your need.  

The full version of Sachin's speech is right here:   

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