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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Advertising is NOT circus. Ad club and ad agencies in Kolkata must stop buffooneries.

If 'Advertising Club Calcutta' - known as 'Kolkata Ad Club' - is at all serious about business i.e. 'advertising' to be precise besides and beyond real-estate, its board and members should understand a simple fact that the name of the game is 'positioning'.

Because only that can draw the world's attention to India... thereby to Kolkata... for 'creative excellence which in the process might stop 'talent exodus' to revive, revitalise, and redefine the ad industry in the city of joy.

Therefore, it's imperative to consider 'Advertising Club Calcutta Creative Awards' (A3CA) as a 'Product' but 'Page 3 Party' and then market it accordingly to the 'creative talents', minus whom, it's vacuous despite all media planning, buying, and spending.

Frankly, 'tired, thoughtless, and tasteless' creatives in the name of 'humour and sarcasm' was 'done to death' in the era of Gopal Bhand.

It's time to don the 'thinking hat' once again and concentrate more on 'ideas' than mere 'executions'.

Anyway, the ideal positioning should have two layers.

First: A3CA, the base of Cannes -- to leverage 'outbound marketing'.

Second: A3CA, better than Cannes -- to leverage 'inbound marketing' with greater emphasis and better logic.

Following are three ads, I prepared, keeping the shape of layouts as it was for 2015 ads, so things are understood rather easily.

(Click on each of them to enlarge):

Hope, 'ad gurus' of Kolkata won't mind to use their brain for a change at least to indulge in 'disaster management' before it's too late to save Kolkata from the 'ad quake' that has been driving talents away from home or burying them at home... since long.

Frankly, I have no problem with the big-heads' mediocrity but I generally have loads of issue with their audacity, since they always try to mis-sell their mediocrity as simplicity in line with the executional beauty of global creatives.

It takes mind over matter and muscles to understand that a woman who looks resplendent without any make-up perhaps does minimum 1 hour of Yoga at dawn, every day.

So, instead of fucking around across the globe, especially attending award shows or workshops, it's better, if brains are used to understand and decode those immensely complex ideas, and how they get generated, which actually pave the way for the simplest executions.

Otherwise, creating craps like this, as showing below, will actually fossilise Kolkata's advertising industry that had been in coma but yet to be declared "dead" because still there are some people called "clients" who have more than enough money to pay for the bills of ventilator.

However, please don't waste your time and mine as well for nitpicking in light of Photoshop or Grammar. I still hope (against hope) and believe that the number of 'dimwits' is less in Kolkata.

Last but not the least, if advertising were mere entertainment, clowns wouldn't struggle so much in circus despite being miserably paid.


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