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Thursday, May 7, 2015

If ICC makes Cricket 'inclusive', WE CAN RISE with Nepal.

"An earthquake lasts only minutes. But in the rubble of the buildings it destroys lie hopes and plans as well as lives. Nepal will need our support for years to come."

Nothing could have explained an earthquake and how it affects lives better than the abovementioned words published in the editorial of theguardian

On the contrary, the bottom-line is simple: "We always need to support each other because every support is an investment -- even if offered as a donation -- which eventually pays us back with interest."

In fact, we must not overlook the flow of destruction that generally takes place owing to an earthquake.

The flow clearly suggests:

Earthquakes destroy buildings first and then buildings destroy lives.  

So, it's foolish to hold only nature responsible for calamities or disasters while, in most of the cases, natural calamities wreak havoc due to poor economic policies.

Therefore, obvious humanity notwithstanding, the global community should take support and aid to Nepal into account rather sincerely from an economic point of view and then react to the situation through proper actions without confusing reaction with action and momentum with movement.

In light of that, what else but cricket could be a better investment -- which is not only a sport but also a reason for existence to the people of Nepal!

Just the reason, it's time for Intentional Cricket Council (ICC) to make cricket inclusive in line with their promise: "Great Sport, Great Spirit" -- so as to help the world know how cricket can develop sports economy and thereby make the reconstruction of Nepal possible off the rubble with sustainable funding.

In that movement, Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) has to play the role of a pioneer -- instead of twiddling thumbs -- to take its first ever step towards becoming an autonomous body to govern cricket in Nepal for Nepal, independently, minus bureaucratic intervention and rabbit hole administration and governance that hardly help but hinder development by reducing the scope of innovation for the future. 

To cut the long story short, we need to understand that WE CAN RISE together with inclusive growth over exclusive privileges of mediocrity, hence, we must BAT FOR NEPAL to make cricket a global sport in real sense, while cricket would be recognised as CFL: CRICKET FOR LIVES.

How to do that, below is the presentation -- indicative enough but not be-all and end-all -- what I have already shared with ICC, seeking Mr. David Richardson's kind attention, and with Ms. Bhawana Ghimire - CEO, CAN - who is always game for new ideas; open and pragmatic to ask for an advice; always keen to learn; and indulges in innovation and development despite the hostility and cold shoulder she has to face often at CAN, probably because she means business beyond busyness. 

Last but not the least, it's heartening to witness, thanks to Bhawana and her proactive attitude, Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) has taken two prudent steps complementing WE CAN RISE and BAT FOR NEPAL missions to set the ball rolling.

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