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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Has Cricket Association of Nepal understood the BAT FOR NEPAL campaign?

Tourism which constitutes about 5% of Nepal's GDP would largely be affected by the destruction of earthquake.

Notwithstanding the bullish hope and high-decibel proclamation that Nepal is still a safe country for international tourists, the grim scenario is unlikely to change, soon. At least not in the next 2-3 years, if not more.

With an estimated economic loss of up to $10 billion, what may also exceed the entire GDP, the future of Nepal is literally dependent on remittance. 

However that too easier said than done because exodus, mostly in the form of evacuation, only adds to the tally of refugees and refugees are hardly considered as a workforce of worth to help remittance. 

So, the situation of Nepal is quite bad and might become worse to worst unless its government understands the importance of macro economics and internationalism over nationalism. 

To initiate the change towards a productive future, the first thing the Government of Nepal needs to realise that it needs international currencies and it has a good product to sell in the global market and that is: Cricket.

But how?

If the Government is clueless, the onus is on Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) to become proactive and aggressive to make the Government take the necessary steps towards doing the needful without any delay. 

For that, first and foremost CAN must comprehend its role in Nepal, as well as in the world of cricket. 

It has to leverage cricket for Nepal and then Nepal for cricket, so that the development cycle continues... with cricket, for cricket, by cricket. 

Therefore, limiting the scope of the BAT FOR NEPAL campaign only to a project of playing some fund raising matches, it cannot do justice to the big picture drawn by the vision: WE CAN RISE.

My point is, while I created the BAT FOR NEPAL idea, not for once I meant it should be limited to just a one-off project. 

Fund Raising Matches are definitely an integral part of the said campaign but the ultimate goal is to BAT FOR NEPAL in order to make cricket CFL: Cricket FOR LIVES, so WE CAN RISE, globally, through inclusive growth. 

Simply put, the global community of cricket should not only help CAN raise funds for Nepal but also hold CAN responsible and accountable for how those funds are used for the development of lives and cricket in Nepal and outside. 

BAT FOR NEPAL should not to be misconstrued as event management but, on the contrary, the campaign should be developed and evolved, as a movement or mission, in such a way that it instruments a sports economy in Nepal to boost infrastructure, minus which Nepal's main business i.e. tourism will not come back on track.

It's certainly an excellent gesture of humanity on part of MCA: Malaysian Cricket Association that extends its support to CAN for a Nepal v/s World XI Fund Raising Match at Kinrara Oval - Malaysia to BAT FOR NEPAL. However, the mnemonic -- though done quite creatively -- defeats the purpose of BAT FOR NEPAL campaign. 

The piece of marketing communications gives the impression, as if the campaign BAT FOR NEPAL falls under the Nepal Earthquake Fund Raising Match whereas the actual case is just the other way round. 

Plus, if you call a match "Nepal Earthquake Fund Raising Match", it's not a right expression. For the match is not going to be played to raise funds for Nepal Earthquake i.e. to sponsor or support the earthquake that took place. 

Also, the visual treatment is not communicating any positivity or hope in terms of relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction. It rather presents, as if the earthquake is greater than the development possibility which cricket can create emoting one to BAT FOR NEPAL. 

Below is a comparison between two mnemonics of BAT FOR NEPAL that sure is to help CAN understand what needs to be done henceforth and why so:     

In simple words, cricket is more of a business than a sport, hence, Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) can't afford to compromise on marketing communications for less or loss.     

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